Sisense Data Connector for Amazon S3

Get to Your Data Faster With Sisense and Amazon S3

Connecting your Sisense BI tools to Amazon S3 cloud servers lets you streamline data import and storage in scalable, durable locations. S3 analytics make it easy for your BI tools to access data warehouses quickly and effectively thanks to intuitive architecture, fully scalable storage capacity, and historical data access.

You can deploy Sisense analytics to provide your team with customized data warehouses and ensure that historical data is never deleted by accident, providing a more comprehensive view of your business.

The Benefits of Sisense and Amazon S3

By connecting Sisense with your Amazon S3 database, you gain several noteworthy benefits, including:

  • Keep access to as much historical data as you need. Physical storage has a finite capacity, forcing you to pick and choose which data to keep. With the S3 connector, you can easily scale storage space to collect and safely store your historical data, as far back as you need.
  • Make easier pathways for your analytics. Centralize your data stream pathways to a single server set and make it simpler for your team to access the data they need. Alternatively, build unique S3 instances for each team, and empower them with as much or as little storage as they need.
  • Build smarter data warehouses. Thanks to the S3 database‚Äôs on-demand model, you can build data warehouses that fit your specific needs and make it easier for your business intelligence tools to collect the data they need.
  • Get data from your web applications and website directly. S3 is an increasingly popular architecture for web infrastructure and connecting your existing AWS BI tools to Sisense enables you to quickly collect, parse, and analyze data without having to export and import it.

Connecting to Amazon S3  

To create your Sisense and Amazon S3 connector, begin by exploring this link.

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