Sisense Data Connector for Excel

Replace Manual Excel Reporting with Interactive, Automatically Refreshed Dashboards

Ready to move beyond spreadsheets? Sisense lets you easily drag and drop any Excel file (in xls or csv format) into the Elasticube Manager, add additional data sources, create your data model and then jump right into visual analytics in a collaborative, fully web-based environment. Import Excel files, cloud sources and database servers, join tables from different sources with strong ETL functionality and launch your first dashboard in minutes.

Benefits of the Sisense BI Connector for Excel

From Siloed Spreadsheets to Centralized Data Discovery:

  • Fast and easy connectivity: Importing an Excel file is done with the click of the button, and you can
    choose exactly which tables or sheets to include in your data model.
  • Simplify complex data problems: Instead of struggling to import disparate data sources into Excel, turn
    Excel into another part of your overall BI strategy by using Sisense's Drag
    & Join functionality to easily combine tables from Excel spreadsheets with
    structured and unstructured data sources.
  • Immediate query retrieval: Never wait for answers again - our patent-pending In-Chip Technology ensures
    lighting-fast performance, even when querying hundreds of millions to billions
    of rows.
  • Visual data preparation with built-in ETL: Manage Excel files alongside your additional enterprise data
    sources in a visual environment and perform simple data
    manipulations with intuitive, self-service ETL. Connect to
    your data sources without altering the original structure or
    model of the data to minimize data preparation and skip
    straight to the insights.
  • Build interactive Excel dashboards: Replace dreary spreadsheets and watch your data come to life with
    stunning interactive dashboards that refresh automatically at near
    real-time, empowering any user to see the full picture of the business
    or department instantly.
  • Self-service, governed data discovery: Sisense provides a full-scale, self-service analytical platform
    for preparing, querying and visualizing data, with minimal burden
    on IT, giving business users the power to move beyond spreadsheet
    tools and into the realm BI and analytics in a governed

Two-way Connectivity

Want to use Sisense's powerful data management and preparation capabilities but still crunch the numbers in Excel? No problem: Use the Sisense ODBC driver to natively import data from the Sisense Elasticube to Excel, overcoming data size and performance limitations for a best-of-both-worlds experience.

Getting Started

To start using the Sisense-Excel connector, simply follow the instructions here or watch the video below.

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