Sisense Data Connector for Facebook Ads

Better Audience Insights with Sisense BI and Facebook Ads

Integrating your Facebook Ads account with Sisense delivers a clearer picture of your social media strategies. Facebook Ads analytics gives you granular data about the success, progress, and reach of your ongoing campaigns, ads, and broader strategy. Develop more accurate and data-driven decisions & strategies while comparing your data with multiple other channels to understand your KPIs and how to reach them best.
Most importantly, connecting your BI dashboards with Facebook Ads lets you assess your data exactly how you prefer.

The Benefits of Sisense and Facebook Ads

Integrating your Facebook Ads with Sisense Business Intelligence provides several crucial advantages, including:

  • Centralize your KPIs in a single dashboard: Integrating Facebook Ads into your existing BI tools helps you keep closer track of all your KPIs in a single location. If you use multiple accounts and other social media platforms, Sisense BI enables multi-channel monitoring from one location.
  • Understand your customers’ conversion path better: Combining your users’ social media habits with other valuable data streams such as CRMs can help you understand how your viewers are converted to customers while highlighting possible areas of improvement for your existing pathways.
  • Gain a comprehensive view of your ROI: Facebook success is measured in more than just clicks, and obtaining a comprehensive view requires that you examine data in a broader context. Integrating Facebook Ads with your dashboard aids with visualizing and evaluating your campaigns’ ROI.
  • Find new connections in your social media data: Take your data outside your Facebook Ad analytics before combining it and mashing it up with other sets to uncover new insights based on demographics, preferences, activity history, and more.

Connecting to Facebook Ads

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