Sisense Data Connector for FTP / FTPS

Simplify Your Data Gathering and Organization with FTP and Sisense

Creating a connector for FTP and your Sisense BI tools lets you easily access and store the data you need from internal and external sources. Keep your online data at arm’s reach and easily download the sets you need as they are created. Build smarter warehouses and let your teams access reports, data sets, and other valuable BI insights when they need them without an intermediary. Your on-premises data can be accessed quicker and kept for any search you require.

The Benefits of Sisense and FTP

Connecting Sisense business intelligence tools with your FTP connection gives you several benefits, including:

  • Easily access your company’s on-premises data. FTP makes it easy to organize and access data kept on-premises and on local servers. Give Sisense easier pathways to get the data required to provide smarter, more comprehensive analytics.
  • Give your reports a broader perspective: Combine real-time data from your online sources with historic data stored on your servers and give your reports a more comprehensive view. Let your teams find trends and make smarter choices based on past patterns.
  • Create better FTP reports: Understand your data structures and hierarchies and keep your data organization optimized with dynamic visualizations and analytics that help you understand the best structures for storage.
  • Keep historic data sets organized. Just because data sets are no longer in active use doesn’t mean they have no value. Keep historic data sets organized and easily accessible on FTP databases and explore them when you need.

Connecting to FTP

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