Sisense Data Connector for Generic JDBC

Improve your Database Communication with Sisense and JDBC Drivers

Using JDBC drivers to connect your JavaScript applications with Sisense business intelligence tools can help optimize your data access. Build smarter pathways and allow for easy SQL querying to give all your teams access to the data they need. Connect to multiple databases with custom connectors and build data sets from multiple channels more easily. Gather data from both offline and online sources and create data warehouses that give your team the broadest perspective possible.

The Benefits of Sisense and JDBC Drivers

Connecting your JDBC database access with Sisense analytics gives you several key advantages, such as:

  • Use SQL to interface with your databases: JDBC lets you easily communicate with your databases using SQL queries. Give your team full access to the data they need, when they need it.
  • Create custom connectors for the data streams you need: Your data doesn’t always come from a single place, so having the right connectors is vital. Use custom JDBC drivers to connect with files, websites, and other applications for the data you need.
  • Create comprehensive reports: Using JDBC drivers expands your data collection and gives you better data. Create more accurate reports and provide more relevant BI insights to your team thanks to a deeper understanding of your business.
  • Improve on-demand analytics: Remove the need for complicated warehousing and give your teams the ability for ad-hoc analytics when they need them. With easier access to data streams, your organization can quickly go from collection to action.

Connecting to JDBC Drivers

To get started connecting your JDBC drivers with Sisense business intelligence tools, explore this documentation.

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