Sisense Data Connector for Google Analytics

Bring Your Website Statistics Data into the World of BI

With the Sisense Connector for Google Analytics, apply powerful analytics and business intelligence to your website activity data. By bringing your website visitor tracking data from Google Analytics into Sisense, you immediately gain access to extensive BI and visualization functions. You can not only see what is happening, but also why, and where to improve. Sisense also lets you easily add in other data sources for even further reaching, actionable BI insights.

Advantages of Using Sisense for Google Analytics Data

  • Build on existing data relationships. Sisense can automatically replicate existing relationships between Google Analytics tables in the Sisense ElastiCube. If you choose, Sisense can also automatically create relationships between tables with similar names.
  • Get accurate results from huge datasets. Sisense offers you different possibilities for achieving optimal outcomes, avoiding the inaccuracies that the Google sampling mechanism can sometimes cause when very large Google Analytics datasets are being accessed.
  • Combine many data sources to get to total truth. By combining Google Analytics datasets with data from other sources such as your CRM system, social media conversations, and others, Sisense lets you dig into all the reasons behind the visitor activity on your website.
  • Refresh dashboards rapidly as websites change. Easy to make, easy to use Sisense dashboards can be updated in near real-time as website visitor statistics change. The Sisense Google Analytics data connector and the power of Sisense BI let you always know what your websites are trying to tell you.
  • Ease of use for speedy business enhancement. Sisense data input, analytics and dashboards are intuitively easy for business users. For e-commerce sites for instance, online sales and marketing teams can see how to attract more visitors and sell more products without needing the assistance of the IT department.

Getting Started

To start using the Sisense-MongoDB connector, simply follow the instructions here.

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