Sisense Connector for Google BigQuery

bigquery connector

Advanced Data Warehousing With Sisense BI and Google BigQuery

Google’s BigQuery platform offers an agile and flexible data warehousing solution for enterprise and large-scale analytics. Thanks to its straightforward syntax, which closely resembles standard SQL commands, BigQuery offers a simpler way to interact with and query read-only data sets.

By using the Google BigQuery connector for Sisense BI, you can create a more straightforward way to prioritize queries, as well as provide easy scaling for increased demand whenever you need it. Moreover, thanks to Google’s existing infrastructure, you can use the resources you need without having to break your budget.

The Benefits of Sisense and Google BigQuery

  • Scale your querying as you need, with no restrictions: FBigQuery is based on Google Cloud, and offers organizations the ability to scale their querying without cluster resizing or adding processing costs. Keep your storage and compute servers separate and expedite your querying to meet any organizational demands you may have for BI.

  • Understand your CSV data, practically, usefully. Sisense data visualization goes beyond PC spreadsheet applications used for basic CSV data manipulation. Besides displaying CSV data in ways that show you intuitively the data patterns and relationships, you can also easily make reports and dashboards in Sisense to immediately share conclusions with colleagues.

  • Easily prioritize your querying for faster analytics: You can choose from interactive or batch querying, which offer different advantages and let you decide how queries are processed, freeing up resources for more important tasks while relegating less vital queries to second priority. This lets you always run the cleanest analytics and provide more agile BI insights.

  • Query both internal and external data sources: Even when you store data outside of your main data warehouse, BigQuery data warehouse can access other storage facilities using simple SQL querying. This includes data stored on Google Cloud Storage, BigTable, and any external sources connected to your data warehouse architecture.

Getting Started

To get started with the Sisense-BigQuery connector, follow the instructions here.

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