Sisense Data Connector for Google BigQuery

Sisense connects directly to the BigQuery data warehouse to flexibly deliver access to all of your present and future data for detailed data exploration and insights. Sisense’s Elastic Data Engine provides the flexibility to prepare, query and manage data within BigQuery using both code and a web-based, visual data modeling experience. 

Organizations can harness the power and elasticity of BigQuery by using Sisense’s advanced data pipelines, SQL-based materialized views and live data models to power complex ad-hoc analysis, dashboards and analytic apps.

BigQuery & Sisense’s Elastic Data Engine Features:

  • Securely connect and ingest data into BigQuery to create a single store for your data using SQL, Python and R
  • Explore both modeled and raw data to easily answer complex and ambiguous business questions without having to rebuild any upfront models
  • Optimize raw data stored in BigQuery with materialized views that further powers self-service analytics and query performance from BigQuery
  • Connect, prepare and combine together dozens of tables directly in BigQuery into a single live model that can be accessed, queried and reused by all users across multiple dashboards
  • Mashup data into a cached data model from BigQuery with other data that has not, or can not be migrated, to BigQuery due to data ownership, regulatory or other concerns 

Sisense enables organizations to integrate with BigQuery existing systems of record and authentication systems to ensure users have adaptive governance to support the distribution of data to any organizational policy. Multi-level security from a system, object, role, and row-level that can be programmatically automated ensures to ensure organizations can quickly scale the integration between BigQuery + Sisense. 

Getting Started

To start using the BigQuery Connector, simply follow the instructions here.

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