Sisense Data Connector for Heroku Postgres

View Your Databases in Real Time With Sisense and Heroku Postgres

When you connect your Sisense BI tools with Heroku Postgres databases, you gain a new level of insights from the same data. Access your data points more easily with natural language processing and create ad-hoc analyses on demand. Thanks to Sisense visualizations, you can also gain a deeper understanding from your data sets by viewing them from a different perspective.

The Benefits of Heroku Postgres and Sisense

Connecting your Sisense business intelligence tools to your Heroku Postgres database grants you several noteworthy advantages, including:

  • Get more from your data with dynamic visualizations: Give your data new depth and comprehension with visualizations that make it easier to understand data flows, trends, and uncover new insights. Discard the bar and line graphs and find relevant ways to display your data.
  • Optimize your teams’ dashboards: Take your Heroku Postgres database and curate dashboards for your different teams. Give your staff only the data that is relevant and actionable while simultaneously improving the way they can access it.
  • See patterns in real time: Using Sisense’s real-time analytics, you can better comprehend the data you collect and see how trends emerge as they happen. Stay ahead of issues by visualizing problems before they happen.
  • Query your data more effectively: Access your databases with simple queries thanks to natural language processing and create ad-hoc analyses more easily to locate answers exactly when you need them. More importantly, let your team interact directly with your data and find the results they need on demand.

Connecting With Heroku Postgres

To get started with the Sisense and Heroku Postgres connector, explore this documentation.

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