Sisense Data Connector for Hubspot

Maximize Your Sales Data With Sisense BI and Hubspot

A Hubspot connector for Sisense provides you with an effective way to track and manage your content and marketing efforts. Visualize the impact of your campaigns and strategies while forming a better understanding of the best keywords for content optimization. Sisense allows you to break down inbound marketing data from verticals, campaigns, and channels, and even mash them up to produce new and unexpected insights. Connecting your Sisense BI tools to Hubspot analytics and dashboards give you a better way to comprehend your inbound marketing pipeline.

The Benefits of Sisense and Hubspot

By connecting your Hubspot reporting tools with Sisense’s ElastiCubes, you can unlock several key advantages:

  • Understand your inbound marketing’s strengths better: Because inbound marketing affects several areas, Sisense lets you view your reports in the context of your broader sales strategy. See the real-time impact of new initiatives, existing campaigns, and tweaks to your ongoing efforts.
  • Explore your KPIs in real-time: Instead of waiting for reports, integrating Hubspot into your existing dashboards helps you precisely track your KPIs. See how your teams and campaigns are performing in real-time to make the best, most well-informed decisions.
  • Better visualize your inbound data: Convert your existing data into dynamic visualizations that let you manipulate and interact with it in new ways. This helps you derive new BI insights and uncover different ways to improve your metrics.
  • Easily share data with your team: By incorporating Hubspot data in your dashboards, you can spread the data more easily to those that need it most. Build dashboards using relevant information for all stakeholders

Connecting to Hubspot

Start connecting Hubspot to your Sisense dashboards by exploring this documentation.

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