Sisense Data Connector for Linkedin

Improve Your Professional Engagement With Sisense and LinkedIn

Connecting your LinkedIn analytics with Sisense BI tools presents you with a clear picture of how your efforts to reach brands and professionals are unfolding. Importing your LinkedIn database to Sisense lets you view your data in a broader context and derive new insights to ultimately make better data-driven decisions. View your posts’ effectiveness and clicks, adjust resource allocation, and see how your campaigns fit with your broader strategies.

The Benefits of Sisense and LinkedIn

Integrating your LinkedIn reporting tools with Sisense BI advances several important benefits, including:

  • See how brands are interacting with you: Compare your LinkedIn data with your sales teams’ numbers to understand how your content and outreach strategies are performing. Highlight areas for progress and discover the LinkedIn tactics that are delivering the best results.
  • Create better reports for different teams: Including LinkedIn data with your reports helps guide different teams more effectively, from content marketing to performance advertising and even sales. Adding this data provides another piece of mission-critical information in the conversion puzzle.
  • Mashup your data for new insights: Combine your campaign data from LinkedIn with unexpected data sets to explore new insights and unique perspectives. By mashing up your data, you can get the most out of existing data sets.
  • Automate your analytics: Improve your insight discovery process on LinkedIn by automating your data analytics and including it in your existing dashboards. Grant every user access to LinkedIn data on demand with easier querying and fast results.

Connecting with LinkedIn

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