Sisense Data Connector for Marketo

Optimize your Marketing Automation with Sisense and Marketo

Connecting your Sisense ElastiCube with Marketo analytics produces a top-level view into your marketing automation strategy. With the increasing importance of fast, agile marketing, connecting Marketo’s automation data with your existing Sisense business intelligence tools can deliver a comprehensive view of your marketing data in a greater context. Unifying Marketo database information with your existing dashboards helps you make smarter decisions, understand your marketing pipeline better, and react rapidly to any shifts.

The Benefits of Sisense and Marketo

Integrating your Marketo reporting into a Sisense dashboard grants several key benefits, including:

  • Keep a close watch on important events: Sisense gives you a unified view of your marketing data including Marketo’s automation. Be prepared for any event, and know when thresholds are reached, metrics are exceeded, and actions require your attention.
  • Build a holistic view of your automation: Viewing your Marketo analytics in the broader context of your BI dashboard lets you make smarter decisions based on more complete data sets. More importantly, keep an eye on things you may have missed on Marketo’s native dashboard.
  • Optimize your lead context for better insights: Impart more punch from your data by adding vital context that helps your sales and marketing teams while helping fine-tune your automation strategies.
  • Actively measure your automation ROI: A centralized dashboard also presents you with the opportunity to measure your Marketo activities against other company-wide metrics and determine whether your current strategies are effective or not.

Connecting to Marketo

To connect your Marketo database with your Sisense BI tools, get started by contacting us here.

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