Sisense Data Connector for MySQL

Seamless End-to-End Analytics and Reporting
for MySQL with Sisense BI

Using Sisense with your MySQL database is the perfect solution for business intelligence, data visualization and ad-hoc SQL reporting. The built-in connector will allow you to connect to data stored in your MySQL relational database with the click of a button and immediately start importing data into Sisense's ultra-fast, ultra-scalable In-Chip data engine - and proceed to combine MySQL data with a multitude of structured and unstructured data sources, and quickly create analytical reports and dashboards for rapid insights.

Benefits of Sisense on MySQL

Some of the unique advantages of using Sisense to prepare, analyze and visualize data stored in MySQL include:

  • Native Connectivity: Import all your data into the Sisense Elasticube, or only the specific tables you need, all with the click of a button and without any scripting or coding.
  • Simplify business analytics for complex data: Easily access relational data stored in MySQL and combine it with tables from various other databases, flat files and cloud sources, then visualize and share the results for a complete analytical solution.
  • Immediate query retrieval: Skip past MySQL limitations for working with Big Data and always get immediate answers to ad-hoc questions, regardless of data size or complexity.
  • Visual data preparation with built-in ETL: Manage highly complex data models via an intuitive visual environment, and use custom SQL for data manipulation, custom tables and advanced data preparation. Connect multiple data sources without altering the original structure or model of the data to minimize data preparation and skip straight to the insights.
  • MySQL dashboard builder: Create beautiful interactive dashboards that refresh automatically at near real-time, empowering any business user to create immediate value out of your MySQL data.
  • Minimal IT \ internal scripting: Enjoy all the regular benefits of Sisense‚Äôs intuitive, end-user oriented interface to quickly get up and running without mass investment in IT or technical resources.

Getting Started

To start using the Sisense-MySQL connector, simply follow the instructions here.

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