Sisense Data Connector for NetSuite

Upgrade your Customer Success with Sisense and NetSuite CRM Dashboards

Integrating your NetSuite CRM with Sisense BI tools presents you with the analytic capabilities to improve your customer success. Combining your CRM data set with your company’s various other streams broadens your view of customer experiences, helping you make better decisions. Visualize your customer journey, determine the effectiveness of your support strategies and services, and heighten your understanding of consumers with more precise data.

The Benefits of Sisense and NetSuite CRM

Integrating Sisense with your NetSuite CRM grants you several key advantages, including:  

  • Keep teams informed with real-time data updates: Syncing your NetSuite analytics with Sisense ensures your teams work with the most current data available, and thus make smarter decisions. More importantly, it lets you see the impact of your initiatives as they unfold.
  • Visualize your consumer data to uncover patterns and trends: Bring your NetSuite reporting tools into Sisense and create dynamic visualizations that let you analyze and interpret your data from a new perspective. Derive new insights from old data and improve reporting for your teams with more accessible models.
  • Create customized dashboards for your various teams: Give your dashboards added flexibility and tailor each report to include only the information that’s relevant. Let your teams make better decisions based on data that delivers more actionable insights.
  • Mash up your data for a more holistic view of your operations: Combine NetSuite analytics with Sisense data from multiple channels to understand your customer success and relations in a broader context. Compare your data with sales figures and marketing campaigns to track effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Connecting with NetSuite CRM

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