Sisense Data Connector for OLE DB

Streamline your database communications with Sisense and Generic OLE DB Drivers

With generic OLE DB drivers and Sisense business intelligence tools, you can smooth your querying and improve your databases. Create dashboards and reports that can gather real-time data and find the information you need. Thanks to the OLE DB connector, you can provide easier SQL-based management, simplify your data streams, and provide easier web communications for your analytics. Most importantly, create accessible, dynamic data warehouses that result in better insights and actionable data.

The Benefits of Sisense and Generic OLE DB Drivers

Using generic OLE DB drivers with your Sisense analytics gives you several key benefits, including:

  • Easily connect your existing SQL databases with your analytics: No matter which database you need, connect it easily to your Sisense analytics by creating a custom OLE DB connector. Simplify your organization and access your data more easily.
  • Tailor your databases to provide the best data: Creating custom connections lets you structure individual data channels to provide you with the best possible data sets. Build a better data gathering process and enhance your on-demand analytics.
  • See your data in real-time: implement OLE DB drivers that fit your organization’s needs and enable real-time data collection to provide smart and more relevant analytics to each of your stakeholders.
  • Offer better ad-hoc analytics: Use your databases to offer ad-hoc analytics with drivers that are capable of communicating with specific providers. Let your users interact with your SQL in an intuitive and effective way.

Connecting to Generic OLE DB drivers

To start connecting your Sisense analytics with generic OLE DB drivers, explore the documentation: Connecting via OLE DB Drivers

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