Sisense Data Connector for PostgreSQL

Boost your Postgres database reporting and analytics with a complete BI tool

Storing your data in Postgres can carry unique advantages in terms of speed, stability and support for large data volumes. However, to fully leverage the potential of your organization's data you need an agile BI tool that can enable busines users to connect directly to your database, create cross-database joins and allow you to iteratively ask and answer questions in a visual environment, without having to write SQL queries or overloading the IT pipeline.

Sisense provides reporting tools and analytics for any SQL-based database, including Postgres, SQL Server and others. Use Sisense to connect to your organizational databases, data warehouses or directly to the raw data, create ad-hoc data mashups and models and then visualize the results directly on the web.

Benefits of Choosing Sisense for Postgres Reporting

  • Create new data models on the fly and according to the business questions you want answered, with minimal scripting and coding.
  • Transform data with built-in ETL functionality and simple SQL.
  • Give more power to the business units that need the data, without going through IT to generate reports from the database or data warehouse.
  • Create a secure data repository for business units, either on-premises or in the cloud, without taxing your production resources.
  • Leverage the most powerful analytical technology in the market.

Connecting to Postgres

To learn how to start pulling data from PostgreSQL databases to your Sisense Elasticube, check out the following item in our documentation: Connecting to PostgreSQL

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