Sisense Data Connector for Presto

Get The Most Out of Your Big Data With Sisense and Presto

Integrating Sisense business intelligence tools with your Presto database gives you a new dimension of access to your big data. Visualize your Presto data sets and create better models for your organization to understand the information relevant to them. Give your teams instant access to the data they need with natural language queries and build smarter BI dashboards to enhance their efforts.

The Benefits of Presto and Sisense

When you integrate your Sisense and Presto analytics, you gain several distinct advantages, including:

  • Add new depth to your reports and dashboards: Create dashboards that are valuable and relevant to each team in your organization and provide them reports using Presto databases that offer fast data access. Present the data your teams need in an easily digestible format.
  • See your multi-channel data from Presto in one place: Presto lets you manage databases that pull data from multiple streams. Simplify your analytics with Sisense to clean, parse, and present your data sets to your team.
  • Visualize your data in new ways: Provide more effective visualizations that get the most out of your data. Derive better BI insights and make your data easier to understand with graphs, charts, and representations that highlight important trends and relevant aspects of each set.
  • Deploy ad-hoc analyses on demand: Give each member of your organization unfettered access to your data and let them perform the analyses they require. Remove the need for expensive data scientists with easier ad-hoc analytics and faster queries.

Connecting with Presto

To integrate Presto with your Sisense business intelligence tools, start by exploring this documentation.

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