Sisense Connector for Amazon Redshift


Optimize Your Cloud Investments with Sisense and Redshift

Sisense is an official Amazon partner. With native integration to Redshift, it’s easy to deploy a complete enterprise analytics platform.

Sisense extends Redshift’s performance with the ability to mashup, prepare, govern, and analyze data from multiple sources. The powerful In-Chip® engine unifies decentralized data and balances workloads. Sisense is the perfect partner to optimize investment in the cloud and build faster, more flexible analytical apps with reduced management overhead and cost. 

Easily tweak the data models and fine-tune data clusters for frequent real-time queries and complex data aggregations. AWS customers using Redshift and Sisense can easily leverage services such as Kinesis Data Firehose, SageMaker, EMR, Glue, DynamoDB, Athena, and many more out of the box. With Sisense, the benefits of Redshift and AWS empower more builders and analysts at every step of the BI workflow

Benefits of Sisense and Amazon Redshift

Integrating your Redshift data warehouse with Sisense’s toolkit presents several noteworthy benefits including:

  • Best for frequent queries, real-time queries using columnar storage, complex data aggregations, already an AWS customer

  • If currently running on AWS, Redshift should be your first choice.  Redshift integrates with a variety of AWS services such as Kinesis Data Firehose, SageMaker, EMR, Glue, DynamoDB, Athena, Database Migration Service (DMS), Schema Conversion Tools (SCT), CloudWatch, etc.

  • In Redshift you are given control over how to tune your big data database. Enables you to tweak the data model and fine tune the cluster for the best performance and lowest infrastructure cost

  • Fastest for real-time queries using columnar storage

Getting Started

To start using the Sisense Google Analytics Connector, simply follow the instructions here.

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