Sisense Connector for Amazon Redshift


Enhance Your Data Analytics With Amazon Redshift and Sisense

Amazon’s Redshift offers a fully managed data warehouse solution that can be optimized when combined with Sisense. Redshift’s cost-effective and straightforward database tools allow organizations to effectively centralize and manage several data sources while remaining nimble and elastic.

With a Sisense integration, you can provide teams in your organization with easier access and allow for seamless collaboration, better analytics, and dynamic visualization tools to better understand the available data.

When paired with ElastiCube databases, Redshift delivers a flexible and fully scalable data warehouse with little need for management.

Benefits of Sisense and Amazon Redshift

Integrating your Redshift data warehouse with Sisense’s toolkit presents several noteworthy benefits including:

  • Better Storage and Databases Management: With clear usage analytics and a straightforward dashboard, you can understand your database needs better alongside month-to-month usage. Improved database management helps you reduce costs while maintaining the infrastructure necessary for your analytics.

  • Easier Data Visualization: Sisense allows you to seamlessly connect your data to visualizations. With straightforward connections and agile transfers, you can easily create real-time visuals that offer more accurate and actionable BI insights.

  • Combine many data sources to get to total truth. By combining Google Analytics datasets with data from other sources such as your CRM system, social media conversations, and others, Sisense lets you dig into all the reasons behind the visitor activity on your website.

  • Greater Data Mobility: With Sisense’s mobile tools, you can take your data with you anywhere you go. Access relevant sets from your Redshift warehouse and analyze or visualize it in seconds, and on demand.

  • Streamlined Organization With ElastiCube Manager: Sisense ElastiCube tools let you easily view, query, and manage your Redshift database in combination with other data streams. Thanks to fast and flexible data structures, you can better sort and organize existing datasets.
  • Getting Started

    To start using the Sisense Google Analytics Connector, simply follow the instructions here.

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