Sisense Data Connector for ServiceNow

Maximize Your Workflow Efficiency With Sisense and ServiceNow  

When you integrate your Sisense BI tools with ServiceNow, you can gain a whole new perspective on your company’s different workflows. Discover how efficient each of your company’s teams are and how the way they work online is impacting their performance. Uncover the best configuration of their digital workflow and visualize their performance with Sisense’s analytics and data visualizations tools. Most importantly, gain a deeper understanding of your operations to find areas to improve and practices worth rewarding.

The Benefits of Sisense and ServiceNow

Connecting your ServiceNow analytics to Sisense’s BI tools presents several key advantages, including:

  • Find areas to optimize workflows with better visualizations: Visualize your organization’s workflows and find the most efficient configuration for your teams. Uncover inefficiencies and bottlenecks to eventually streamline operations.
  • Track KPIs automatically across departments: Centralize your KPI tracking to a single ServiceNow dashboard, no matter how many unique workflows you have active. Track your teams’ performance and determine how each workflow is contributing to the overall success and which of the processes could be improved.
  • Build better dashboards for each team: It’s important for each workflow to have its own metrics and KPIs. Using Sisense lets you tailor each dashboard to your team’s needs and complement it with different data sets.
  • Receive automated notifications when your attention is required: Get notifications about your workflows’ performance or KPI thresholds when you need them with real-time analytics and updates. Keep a close eye on all your workflows and be ready to solve any issue as soon as it arises.

Connecting with ServiceNow

To begin integrating Sisense with ServiceNow, explore the documentation below:

Connecting to ServiceNow

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Connecting with ServiceNow

To begin integrating Sisense with ServiceNow, explore the documentation: Connecting to ServiceNow

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