Sisense Data Connector for Snowflake

Optimize Your Cloud Investments with Sisense and Snowflake

As an official Snowflake partner, Sisense offers a native data connector to Snowflake.

Snowflake’s versatile infrastructure makes it easy to instantly manage compute capacity and scale queries as needed with high concurrency. Combine, prepare, and manage data significantly faster, while leveraging capabilities such as Snowpipe, for optimizing ETL of unstructured and semi-structured data and the ability to run multiple varied-use data warehouses without duplicating data.

With Snowflake as your analytical engine, Sisense speeds up the time to BI insights and helps you optimize query performance, control costs, and reduce management overhead.

The Benefits of Snowflake

  • Best for steady workloads, handling unstructured data, control to manage resources, data sharing with other Snowflake accounts
  • Snowflake supports Snowpipe. With Snowpipe, there is no need to have a data warehouse up and running for the ETL, and ETL is not competing with resources required for queries. Which can significantly reduce the total cost as the warehouse size can be smaller
  • Snowflake supports sharing data between different accounts (e.g. end customers)
  • Snowflake supports Semi-Structured data types - Variant, Object, and Array, so you can load data without worrying about the schema
  • Switching data compute capacity can be done in seconds
  • Start different warehouses of different sizes that look at the same data, without copying any data, and allocate them to different tasks/users

The Benefits of Sisense and Snowflake

Live Snowflake Queries with Sisense Native Connection
Sisense connects to Snowflake to power real-time queries and dashboards. Link to your data warehouse and quickly build complex live data models to suit your needs. Run analyses with live dataset connections to make smarter decisions, faster.

Seamlessly Combine Data from Snowflake and Anywhere Else
Easily combine live data from your Snowflake data warehouse with any other data sources you have to reveal insights you can’t get any other way. The In-Chip® engine and Elastic Data Hub give you the power and flexibility to analyze other data along with real-time queries from Snowflake. Multi-cloud environments, combining data from outside Snowflake, and keeping up with rapidly changing requirements are no problem. Sisense is your hybrid solution for distributed data: manage, prep, mashup, and pull awesome insights.

One Version of the Truth
Fast growth means not all of your data will make it into Snowflake. Sisense overcomes data silos by pulling everything into one powerful analytics platform that can handle any data model or source. Running multiple high-performance data models inside your Sisene Elastic Data Hub is a snap for all your teams. And everyone can analyze cached data alongside live data from Snowflake. Boost Snowflake adoption and enjoy a unified, governed, user-friendly platform that reduces overall management overhead.

Migrate to the Cloud, Fast!
Wherever you are in your cloud migration, Sisense lets you connect and analyze your Snowflake data. Sisense’s native data models can handle analysis and queries before or after migration; redirecting queries to live data in Snowflake is quick and effortless. Get seamless business continuity and keep deriving value from data as you migrate.

Agile Analytics, Your Way
Even the most non-technical user can model and analyze complex data with Sisense’s amazingly easy-to-use interface. IT bottlenecks are a thing of the past, even when querying live data connections. Whatever your user needs and skills, you can provide analytics on demand built to suit them.

Optimal Performance, Operational Excellence
Shift data exploration and analysis to  Using your Elastic Data Models for exploration and analysis boosts performance and lowers TCO. In-Chip® technology saves time and money by caching existing data. No more refreshing the whole database every time there’s new data: rely on cached data queries to reveal historical insights and user your live Snowflake connection for real-time intelligence.

Easy Managed Cloud BI
Leave the heavy lifting to Sisense with our Managed Cloud option. No hardware to buy or strain on your IT department. Get a fully-managed cloud deployment that’s secure and scalable. Easy!

Getting Started

To start using the Snowflake Connector, simply follow the instructions here.

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