Sisense Connector for Snowflake

snowflake connector

Optimize Your Cloud Investments with Sisense and Snowflake

As an official Snowflake partner, Sisense is a complete analytics platform with a native live connection to your Snowflake data.

Snowflake’s versatile infrastructure makes it easy to instantly manage the compute capacity and scale queries as needed with high concurrency. Sisense enhances Snowflake as a complete solution for analytics to combine, prepare, and manage data significantly faster, while leveraging capabilities such as Snowpipe, for optimizing ETL of unstructured and semi-structured data and the ability to run multiple varied-use data warehouses without duplicating data.

With Snowflake as your analytical engine, Sisense speeds up the time to insights and helps you optimize query performance, control costs, and reduce management overhead.

The Benefits of Sisense and Snowflake

  • Best for steady workloads, handling unstructured data, control to manage resources, data sharing with other Snowflake accounts

  • Snowflake supports Snowpipe. With Snowpipe, there is no need to have a data warehouse up and running for the ETL, and ETL is not competing with resources required for queries. Which can significantly reduce the total cost as the warehouse size can be smaller

  • Snowflake supports sharing data between different accounts (e.g. end customers)

  • Snowflake supports Semi-Structured data types – Variant, Object, and Array, so you can load data without worrying about the schema

  • Switching data compute capacity can be done in seconds

  • Start different warehouses of different sizes that look at the same data, without copying any data, and allocate them to different tasks/users

Getting Started

To get started integrating Snowflake with Sisense, follow the instructions on this page.

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