Sisense Connector for Snowflake


Optimize Your Data Handling With Snowflake and Sisense

Integrating the data warehouse capabilities of Snowflake data warehouse with Sisense gives you better control of your data storage and optimizes your analytics capabilities. Snowflake’s cloud-based systems allow for disparate data streams to be used across your organization more efficiently.

In addition, Snowflake provides a more scalable database solution that lets you manage your storage needs dynamically, reducing resource waste. Combined with Sisense’s data analytics software capabilities, you can create detailed real-time visualizations. Snowflake’s flexible cloud warehouses are optimized when connected to Sisense’s toolkit.

The Benefits of Sisense and Snowflake

  • Flexible, Scalable Databases: Snowflake’s scalable warehouses let users define exactly how much storage they require, and for how long. This control lets you create dashboards as needed and run specific projects with minimal costs. Additionally, you can easily expand databases as your project’s demands increase.

  • Disparate Data Centralization: Thanks to a flexible system of cloud servers, users across an organization can access the data they need to analyze or visualize easily, without requiring complex data transfers. Moreover, data can be warehoused in a central and easy-to-scan structure that simplifies the discovery and querying processes.

  • Easier Data Comparison: With simple cross-database sharing of data, organizations can better compare datasets and find deeper and more accurate relationships. With a broader range of data to scan, Sisense can also produce more actionable BI insights.

  • Data Warehouse Visualization: Thanks to Sisense data visualization tools, data stored with Snowflake can easily be called and organized into dynamic, real-time visuals that provide better insights.

  • Getting Started

    To get started integrating Snowflake with Sisense, follow the instructions on this page.

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