Sisense Data Connector for Splunk

The Sisense Splunk Connector lets you harness the power of machine data collected by Splunk Enterprise and turn it into an integral part of your Business Intelligence strategy. It enables you to use the powerful database, analytics and visualization tools provided by Sisense on your machine data and reach new insights into the data itself and the way it relates to other datasets in your organization.

Advantages of Using Sisense for Splunk Data

  • Join Splunk data with other sources. Currently, Splunk’s analytics and dashboard reporting only displays the data generated within Splunk. Sisense allows you to perform mash-ups with data from any number of other sources, easily and quickly.
  • View and analyze your machine data alongside your ‘human’ data. Find insights and hidden connections between how your servers, sensors or virtual machines are performing and your customers’ behaviour.
  • Use Sisense’s industry leading technology to crunch big data. Splunk records, when collected over time and from many machines, are often of a very large size. Sisense’s ElastiCube technology tackles these unruly datasets heads-on and provides fast query results without the need for proprietary hardware.
  • Give business users access to machine data without going through IT. With a self-service interface, a Sisense dashboard can be set up in no time. Business users can freely add data sources, ask questions, analyze, filter and drill down into the data without any further assistance from IT.
  • Visualization and dashboard reporting. Display your machine data in stunning graphical dashboards with a wide variety of visualization tools to give your company a better understanding of what your machines are trying to tell you.

How It Works

Sisense connects to user-generated reports on Splunk, even while it’s running and without the need to export the files. Use the ElastiCube manager to add any of your Saved Searches in Splunk to your database, then add any other source you want and launch your dashboard to start gaining actionable insights.

Try it out now:

To get started with the Sisense-Splunk connector, follow the instructions listed here.

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