Sisense Data Connector for Stripe

Gain Better Insights From Your Sales Records With Sisense and Stripe  

When you connect your Sisense BI tools to your Stripe analytics, you can obtain a whole new layer of insights for your accompanying sales and operations data. Stripe is effective at capturing sales data and some consumer data that can be combined with other streams to provide different angles. By connecting payment data with marketing or CRM data, you can better visualize your sales flow, understand what’s working, and view the impact of decisions in real time.

The Benefits of Sisense and Stripe

Integrating Sisense with Stripe reporting tools gives you several benefits, including:

  • Recombine your data for greater insights: Your payments data can be a great indicator when put in a broader context. By integrating Stripe databases into your Sisense ElastiCube, you can combine that data with other streams to determine how they’re impacting payments, and to derive fresh insights.
  • Add visualizations to your reports: Add a dynamic element to your reports by converting your databases into visualizations that can provide unique views of data while making it easier to understand and utilize. You can also manipulate data visualizations to uncover unexpected results.
  • Interpret your strategies’ impact in real time: Connecting Stripe with your Sisense BI tools assists with viewing the impact of your decisions in real time. Measure new sales strategies, marketing campaigns, and more against your payments data to see how well they perform.
  • Receive notifications when something occurs: integrating Stripe data into your dashboards lets you control how and when you are notified about recent activity, important milestones or problems. With real-time updates, you can always be ready to respond and act quickly. 

Connecting to Stripe

Explore the documentation below to get started with the Sisense and Stripe connector: Connecting to Stripe

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