Sisense Data Connector for Xero

Understand Your Business Finances With Sisense and Xero

Integrating your Xero accounting tools with Sisense BI gives your company’s stakeholders a clear view of your financial wellbeing and milestones. Using Xero analytics gives you a deeper understanding of each decision’s impact on your organization’s broader financial health. By combining Sisense BI tools with your Xero database, you can build a broader view of your company’s finances to inform smarter, forward-looking decisions.

The Benefits of Sisense and Xero

Connecting your Sisense dashboard to Xero analytics tools delivers several critical benefits, including:

  • Understand your business’ financial health: Xero gives you an excellent view of your company’s numbers. By combining it with Sisense data, you can evaluate your corporate accounting from a different angle and accordingly measure the impact of each part of your company more granularly.
  • Optimize your visualizations: Add dynamic visualizations to your financial dashboards to gain a deeper understanding of each data set, and manipulate your visualizations to derive new, unique insights.
  • Track your metrics progress in real time: Combining Sisense and Xero presents a clearer picture of your real-time progress. See how well your team is working toward meeting financial, budget, and cost-saving goals while uncovering areas for adjustments on the go to avoid any issues.
  • Always have the relevant data: Incorporating Xero financial data into your administrative and business dashboards helps you simplify the reporting process and gives you a faster look at every facet of your operations. Understand your finances in a broader context, and see your data as part of a broader, more easy-to-read whole.

Connecting to Xero

To start integrating Xero with Sisense, read our accompanying documentation: Connecting to Xero Accounting

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