Sisense Data Connector for Zendesk

Design Better Customer Service With Sisense and Zendesk

When you connect your Sisense BI platform with Zendesk customer support tools, you can provide a more complete view of your clients and offer better service based on data and results. Improve tracking for your support requests and tickets, as well as how issues were ultimately resolved. Integrate your support data with sales and marketing sets to understand which areas of your business need improvement and which are running smoothly. Most importantly, see how your customers fit in with your strategies and plans.

The Benefits of Sisense and Zendesk

You can take advantage of several key benefits when you connect your Sisense BI tools with Zendesk, including:  

  • Create dashboards that add value to your support desk: Combining Sisense with Zendesk reporting tools lets you add more value to your support infrastructure by building dashboards that show more relevant information. Include data about customer histories, preferences, and similar incidents to give your support staff better tools.
  • See how your actions affect your customer satisfaction in real time: When you integrate Zendesk analytics with your BI tools, you gain an end-to-end view of your customers’ journeys. Discover the areas where there is most room for improvement and points in the lifecycle where consumers experience the most issues to resolve them more effectively.
  • Visualize your support processes to improve efficiency: Use dynamic visualizations to clearly comprehend your support process. This helps you find problem areas and chokepoints that can be resolved to cultivate a smoother and more successful customer experience.
  • Track your support KPIs more effectively: Keep a closer eye on your customer support KPIs and metrics to help your key stakeholders improve decision-making with actionable insights.

Connecting with ZenDesk

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