AI Exploration Paths: Reveal New Insights from Known KPIs

Get answers to questions you haven’t even thought yet of with Sisense’s AI Exploration Paths. Powerful algorithms instantaneously uncover statistically powerful insights and surface them via new automatically created widgets—all without relying on business analysts.

Understand Your Entire Dataset, Unearth Unexpected Insights

  • Empower business users of all skill levels with a comprehensive understanding of KPIs, broken out from multiple perspectives, effortlessly and instantaneously.
  • Uncover hidden insights in data by automatically creating new widgets—no coding or special training required!
  • Give your dashboard builders a break: they create lean, highly focused dashboards and AI Exploration Paths gives business users robust capabilities to explore data in new ways, all on their own.
  • Simplify your analysts’ lives: no more sifting through tons of feedback from business users on which new dashboard, widgets, or insights they want. Users describe which insights were helpful directly within Sisense), so analysts can learn how to personalize future insights.

Data-driven decision making is based on business users' ability to successfully filter, slice, and dice known KPIs they want to track and improve. Get new insights from known KPIs and uncover new relationships from data.

AI Exploration Paths: Master Your Data, Win the Future

AI Exploration Paths leverages powerful algorithms to deliver new insights that might otherwise be hidden or require advanced data analysts to uncover. Comprehensive insights across the entire
dataset are automatically surfaced to drive deeper exploration and new knowledge directly within the dashboard.

Empower Users to Explore Data Independently

Our AI Stack
Responsive algorithms learn from user actions, such as filtering and drilling, to personalize future suggested exploration paths. This is combined with the rich history of metadata and activity captured across the entire deployment to create a system that’s constantly learning.

AI Exploration Paths accounts for all data security settings, so users can explore insights with only the data permitted by their access levels.

Shared Intelligence
The AI that builds Exploration Paths learns from users across your entire data model. Personalized insights from each user are aggregated via a feedback button that harnesses the organization's collective knowledge to improve results.

Increase user adoption and make your company truly data-driven. Business users gain immediate, new insights into known KPIs that they may otherwise miss, without support from IT or business analysts. Work smarter, not harder, with help from AI Learning Paths.

Learn more on the Sisense Release Q3 page here.