In a sentence 

Partner with Sisense Professional Services BI experts to define, model and design a BI solution based on your needs, ranging from a consultancy to a full end-to-end BI development process.


The BI Consultancy service objective is to partner with you to you to achieve a valuable, top-of-the-line BI model and design based on your specific requirements and needs, as quickly as possible. 

Best Fit for 

  • Existing customers who expand into new BI use cases and seek guidance and more robust hand holding
  • Existing customers who are expanding into new departments or markets with focused effort and require an expert involvement in addressing their BI challenges


  • The project outputs will be defined based on the specific project scopes. 
  • Usually, deliverables vary, beginning with a few hours of review and consultation on existing models and dashboards and sometimes reaching a full BI cycle - from defining KPIs through modeling ending with a dashboard design.

What should you expect?

  • You will meet with a Sisense’s Professional Services Lead to gather requirements and scope the project timelines and activities.
  • Once signed and kicked off, you will work with a Sisense Professional Services team as per a joint project plan. 
  • You will conduct ongoing meetings with a Sisense project manager to track project progress and goals .

The Fine Print

Cost and Duration

The project’s cost and duration will be determined on the project scope.