In a sentence 

Have a designated team of Sisense’s experts guiding and consulting you on a year-long journey, focusing on long-term success.


The objective of Sisense’s Elite program is to maximize the value of the Sisense investment and provide ongoing guidance, support and best practices to your team for 12 months as part of the Sisense implementation journey.

Best Fit for

  • New enterprise-grade customers looking for long-term continuous success together with the Sisense Professional Services team in true collaboration and partnership to achieve business goals through Sisense BI implementation.
  • Current enterprise-grade customers looking to maximize their value from Sienese and are looking for a stronger hand-holding with Sisense Professional Services.


The Sisense Elite service can be customized to align with your specific needs. Still, there are four main areas that you will focus on together with the designated Sisense Professional Services team.

  • Designated support - 24/7 support for critical tickets, 2x faster SLA than Sisense standard support SLAs, and a designated support agent specifically for your organization
  • BI Modeling and Design - focus on the highest-value use cases, guiding you through the process of defining, modeling and designing your solution and updating it as part of a continuous effort to drive more value.
  • Platform and Architecture - work on your deployment health, combining enablement sessions and ongoing hands-on work to achieve the best performance and stability.
  • Infusing Sisense - Integration and automation using complex embedding techniques and requirement

What should you expect?

  • Once purchased, you will meet the Sisense Professional Services team who will work with you  to kickoff and plan your high-level plan - this could be monthly or quarterly focused.
  • Based on the scope, you will work with your designated Project Manager on timelines, expected efforts, and activities.
  • You will work with the Sisense Professional Services team on various activities.
  • You will conduct ongoing meetings with your Sisense Project Manager to ensure activities are on the right track.

The Fine Print

Nature of work

The Elite service is planned as an ongoing, long-term service, and as such, is relevant for customers who are looking to work with Sisense on a week-to-week basis. Elite is not intended for concise, high-effort projects. For these, you might want to consider the Expert Service option.

Cost and Duration

The package is fixed price, with a total number of hours determined by your organization’s size and needs. Please contact your CSM or contact us directly for further information.