Build a Winning Team with Human Resources Analytics

Talent pools are tighter than ever. With increasing pressure to attract and maintain high-performing talent, HR teams are turning to analytics to proactively build an exemplary employee experience and culture. Through the adoption of self-service analytics, Sisense helps HR teams unlock the power of the data within their organization-wide human capital management software and systems, providing complete visibility into critical metrics across the employee experience, from recruitment to promotion.

Complete Visibility into the Employee Lifecycle

Workforce Planning
Use HR analytics to strategically align workforce plans with the organization’s overall goals and business objectives. Gain complete visibility into hiring, turnover, employee performance, diversity, and discover any underlying trends.

Talent Acquisition
Don’t stay a step behind the market: the right analytics solution shines a light on the recruiting process, helping you understand what is and isn’t working. Unify disparate data sources for a true picture of your recruitment activities.

Performance Management
Everything from onboarding new employees to their productivity and performance can be measured. Keep a pulse on your workforce to spot systemic issues and maintain a happy and productive company as you scale.

Learning and Development
Providing opportunities for learning and development is vital for retaining employees. Track different objectives and promotion expectations at a team and employee level, driving alignment and transparency across initiatives.

Sisense Analytics for HR Teams

Put powerful insights into the hands of users, regardless of how technical they are. Whatever you need to know about your company's talent, Sisense serves it up via an easy-to-use interface that everyone can handle. Also get governance and security you can depend on, a must-have for HR teams dealing with sensitive information.

Handle Disparate Datasets with Ease
Connecting to and mashing up data from many disparate data sources (i.e. HR systems, recruiting tools, performance tracking) is easy with Sisense. The Elastic Data Hub connects to a broad range of data sources, and easily combines and transforms the data.

Powerful Self-Service for Non-Technical Users
Sisense is purpose-built with non-technical users in mind, providing an intuitive user interface across the entire analytics workflow. No need to rely on IT assistance to add new data or build a dashboard. Every user is empowered to get what they need on their own.

Adaptive Governance Keeps Sensitive Data Safe
HR deals with some of the most sensitive information in any company. Sisense’s governance controls provide data-level security, giving you granular control over exactly who can access what data. It’s peace of mind for your entire company and specifically with HR sensitivities in mind.

Sisense unlocks the power of data across HR from across your whole organization. Get complete visibility into critical metrics across the employee experience, from recruitment to promotion.