Radically Innovate Retail Analytics

Understand your business. Understand your customers.

Competition is fierce, consumer demands are quickly evolving and change is constant. You need analytics that moves as fast as you do. Sisense gives retailers a powerful business intelligence solution that allows any user (even non-techies) to easily mashup, analyze, and visualize heaps of data from limitless sources to instantly get the visibility and answers needed to make smarter, faster business decisions.

Establish a Complete and Unified Source of Business Truth:
Analyze and visualize all your data in one place to understand each individual aspect of your business and how they work together.

Drive Efficiency in Supply Chain inventory, marketing, and sales:
Reduce costs and maximize profitability, get the information that matters on time, and act on it to stay on step ahead of the competition.

Instantly reveal consumer trends and behavior
Intuitive dashboards let you easily find hidden patterns in user behavior, giving you the ability to optimize business processes and maximize profit.

Effortlessly share insights across your organization:
Empower all types of users in your organization with valuable insights plus the ability tweak, filter, drill down, save and publish dashboards for further investigation.

Analytics for Everyone

Data is complex but getting the answers you need shouldn't be. We believe that insights should be easily accessible to everyone, everywhere regardless of their technical ability.

Here's how we do it:

Radically innovate BI technology:
Sisense's In-Chip™ engine and Single-Stack™ solution have changed business analytics by providing all you need to quickly prepare, analyze, and visualize your data. But the innovation doesn't stop there, Sisense is among the first in the market to bring Business Intelligence to everyone, everywhere through the use of IoT, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence integrations.

Instant insights, instant value
Sisense rapidly analyzes seriously large data so you get the answers you need at 10x the speed of other Business Intelligence solutions. But we go beyond unparalleled performance. Sisense can be implemented in days or weeks, not months or years. In fact, we can go from data to dashboard in just 90 minutes.

Obsessed with customer success
At Sisense, we measure our success by your success. Our award-winning Customer Success, Support and Business Intelligence teams will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you have all the tools you need to quickly and successfully launch an amazing retail analytics solution.