A Complete Business Intelligence System in the Cloud

Sisense and AWS Marketplace for Analytics solutions

Sisense provides an end-to-end, fully functional business analytics platform that gives users everything they need to analyze data in one single, intuitive tool: ETL and data management, basic and advanced analytics features, and a stunning visualization and dashboard reporting interface. We’ve partnered with Amazon (AWS BI) to give our users an unparalleled cloud BI solution, allowing you to move all your data to the cloud quickly, hassle-free and with minimal implementation costs.

The Business Intelligence Dilemma

High demand for analytics reflects escalating business pressures to use data for innovation and competitive advantage. Yet traditional business intelligence requires people to change the way they work, resulting in less than 27% of organizations adopting analytics. Organizations seek new solutions to activate data-driven business opportunities within workflows and to embed data and analytics in their offerings to differentiate and create new value.

The Sisense Solution
Infuse Intelligence Everywhere

Sisense Fusion is the AI-driven analytics platform that infuses intelligence at the right place and the right time, every time. Go beyond basic business intelligence and equip everyone across your organization by allowing all skill levels to analyze data and build customized experiences from no code to full code that are infused into workflows for everyone across the business. Rapidly create powerful differentiation with the API-First platform that seamlessly infuses AI-powered intelligence and self-service analysis into your products at scale. Customers choose:

  • Sisense Fusion Analytics – empowers all skill levels to analyze data, go beyond basic BI and accelerate business growth.
  • Sisense Fusion Embed - empowers organizations to infuse fully white-labeled analytic experiences into their customer-facing solutions at scale.


Better Decision Making: Overcome data adoption barriers to ensure everyone has the right insight in the right place at the right time.

Growth in Revenues: Improve revenue operations and uncover new lines of business with predictive and statistical analysis.

Fast Time to Market with Rapid Innovation: Delight customers with deeper insights, faster using easy-to-use code-free analytics and AI-driven insights, with the flexibility for code-driven analytics for unique needs

Improve Product Differentiation and Customer Retention: Drive revenue and customer satisfaction by delivering innovative analytics to customers that enable seamless decision-making to drive higher customer value.

Sisense AI-Driven Platform on AWS

Infuse Advanced Real-Time Intelligence Anywhere with Agility to Accelerate Your Data Strategy

Together, Sisense and AWS provide organizations flexible and extensible data and analytics solutions to accelerate their data strategy. From high performance cloud data systems to comprehensive cloud data management and analytics services, Sisense with AWS provides organizations the ability accelerate the pace with which they extend and modernize their data architectures and create new business value with advanced real-time intelligence infused anywhere.

Analytics for All Skill Levels

Sisense plus AWS delivers an integrated advanced analytics experience for data-novice users to code-savvy data scientists. Together Sisense and AWS empower everyone across the business with built-in code-free trends, forecasts, explanations, natural language processing and machine learning access, to code-first custom analytics.

Analyze All your Data

With Sisense and Amazon Redshift, query, combine and analyze exabytes of data, from structured to unstructured, open formats, and every source from your data systems to your cloud data management and analytics services, to get the full picture of what’s happening in your business.

Rapidly Adapt to Business Change

Sisense on AWS empowers organizations with an open API framework and robust SDKs that simplify the complexity of advanced AWS data services for users of all skill levels and seamlessly delivers analytics when and where they are needed, with agility to change your data strategy as your business needs change.

High Performance at Any Scale

Together Sisense and Amazon Redshift ensure fast query performance on gigabytes to petabytes of data to in-memory analytics for your most used analyses and optimize performance of every visualization for consistently fast results as your workload grows over time.

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