Simplifying access to your most complex web-based data

Sisense offers a wide array of native connectors to let you connect and mashup your data, no matter where it lives, easily handling cloud sources, databases, data warehouses, flat files, apps, and more. However, every data source is different. If you've got a cloud data sources with an API that limits how you can access its data, a data pipeline from our technology partner Fivetran could be the answer.

What's a data pipeline, anyway?
A data pipeline extracts data from the systems and applications where it is stored. The pipeline loads it into a data warehouse, where it can then be transformed using Sisense.

More sources, new challenges
The rise of cloud data sources can make managing your organization's diverse data connectivity needs a tough challenge. While Sisense can connect with just about every data source out there, many of them hap APIs that limit how you can connect with or extract the data, how much data is available at a given session, how fast you can extract it, or can even require a complete download of the entire dataset each time. Managing all these connections, your data pipeline, can be complicated, time-consuming, and resource intensive, ultimately bottlenecking the analytics process.

Workarounds are hard work
Instead of setting up and maintaining a data pipeline from web applications, some users simply download CSVs or Excel extracts of their data, then analyze those files. That "solution" is hard to manage and scale. It also slows down analysis with continuous, time-intensive data preparation. Alternatively, other companies custom develop their own data connectors using APIs, requiring significant time and expensive development resources to create and maintain.

Let Fivetran developers do some of your heavy lifting.

Already unsure and worried about how to maintain your own data pipeline to handle all your challenging cloud sources? Fivetran is your all-in-one solution, providing fully-managed, turnkey data pipelines that organize data from each web-based application into a data warehouse that you can then analyze with Sisense. Easy!