Sisense + Snowflake: 1+1=3

The Sisense analytics platform empowers data engineers, developers, and analysts to build analytic apps that deliver a highly interactive user experience. Using Snowflake, data teams can optimize the ETL of unstructured and semi-structured data, run multiple varied-use data warehouses, and easily manage compute capacity by scaling concurrent queries as needed. Users are able to combine, prepare, manage, and analyze data faster than ever before.

Sisense delivers an exceptional BI experience


Build out-of-the-box analytics using our intuitive, self-service UI built for nontechnical users (no need to know how to code).

Game-Changing OEM Analytics

White label or embed Sisense intelligent apps everywhere, including dashboards, web portals, custom applications, and more.

Cloud-Native Sisense on Linux

Integrate your company’s infrastructure as code for faster delivery, higher resiliency, and improved scalability to connect seamlessly with cloud warehouses.


Easily mashup data from any source, regardless of complexity.

Powerful Real-time Queries and Dashboards

With a live link to a data warehouse, quickly build complex data models to answer any question.

Native Data Connector

Use Sisense’s native data connector to Snowflake to speed up time-to-insights.

Why Sisense + Snowflake?

Fast Setup, Quick ROI, No Surprises

  • Build rich, interactive dashboards within minutes and adjust quickly to changing user needs
  • Increase compute capacity in seconds with Snowflake
  • Use Sisense-native data models for exploring and analyzing historical data; use a live Snowflake connection for real-time intelligence
  • Seamlessly integrate multiple data sources, on-premises or in the cloud

Empowered Users, User Experience

  • Give nontechnical users access to analytics and control over data models
  • Load both structured and unstructured data into Snowflake
  • Schedule notifications for data changes, making recipients more proactive and data-driven
  • Multiple user groups can access the same dataset in Snowflake without replication

Powerful Embedded Apps

  • Embed insights anywhere: in your app, in workflows, or as standalone widgets
  • Connect analytic apps to any dataset to deliver analytics that are always current, always relevant
  • Snowflake instantly and automatically scales to meet surges in hit rates
  • Snowflake’s results cache accelerates performance for identical queries against the exact same dataset with query results pulled directly from cache, without generating any compute charges

Get More Value from Your Data

  • Users can perform ad hoc analyses in Sisense without having to predefine questions
  • Sisense plus Snowflake reduces the cost of trying new things or testing query loads while increasing concurrent users
  • Use Sisense’s semantic layer as a sandbox, run queries regardless of changes to the underlying data
  • Perform advanced analytics on your Snowflake data with R and AI Exploration Paths, NLQ, Insight Miner, and more

Sisense and Snowflake have been a game-changer for us, giving us the ability to manage our data resources much more effectively. The Elastic Data Hub pulls live data when we need it, and allows us to tap in-chip data when we don’t. With this formidable combination of technologies, we’re getting all the power of a cloud-native, high-performance database that has no downtime for deployments, which also allows us to mash up additional data sources with ease.

Andrew Rosen, CEO of Interfolio

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