Sisense BloX: Rapidly Build Custom, Actionable Analytic Apps

Sisense BloX enables builders everywhere to deliver highly-responsive, tailor-made analytic apps, complete with actions, all without heavy-duty development work. An easy-to-use, low-code front end, powered by React and packed with a wide range of actions and templates, provides tons of options to deliver the experience you want.

Turn Dashboards into Analytic Apps with Actions!

Visualize Insights Your Way
Leverage powerful pre-built templates and snippets to create custom analytic apps in a low-code environment. Sisense BloX combines the Sisense analytic engine with a fully customizable rendering layer built on React.

Close the BI Loop with Actions
Take actions directly in external applications, within the context of your analytics. Leverage a robust set of out-of-the-box actions like POST, Open URL, Showcard, and Integration with Zapier or build your own actions using the Actions SDK.

Customizable for any Need 
Want more power and flexibility to customize apps to your specific needs? Sisense BloX provides developers with advanced design capabilities leveraging React and an intuitive and powerful code editor. Rapidly build custom apps using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Actions SDK. Better yet, save the templates and actions for re-use by others in the organization.

Sisense BloX Goes Anywhere
Easily embed your analytic apps wherever you need them as an individual app or as a part of an analytic dashboard or via QR Code. Sisense BloX is also built for mobile, making it easier than ever to put your actionable apps anywhere your users are.

With Sisense BloX, my team has the functionality they need to build 'full circle' data experiences. Our dashboards can deliver actionable insights that empower users to take that action directly from the dashboard.

Sisense BloX will streamline workflows and decision making.

- Patrick Sherlock, Chief Product Officer, Luzern

Sisense BloX:
Build Better Business Intelligence with Power to the Builders, Insights for All

The Sisense BloX framework includes an easy-to-use interface and an expansive library of powerful templates to make building actionable analytic apps and widgets quick and easy.

Building It with Sisense BloX
So what does Sisense BloX actually do? Check out some of the ways Sisense BloX brings analytics and actions together!

Carousel: New navigation options allow you to create carousels and rotate through multiple KPIs and visualizations in one widget.
Filtered View: Apply multiple filters set by you to show users highly-refined view without having to click through multiple filters.

Writebacks update the systems of record while staying within the context of the widget.

With a Slide Bar, you can apply filters to datasets by moving units on a bar higher or lower, which dynamically updates the datasets in the visualization.

Lightbox functionality will display an image or video by filling the screen and dimming the rest of the web page within a BloX widget.

Open URL allows a user to open a URL (in a new window or lightbox) and be redirected to a specified location in another application.

Webhooks can post and even launch a process in another application when a user takes an action within Sisense BloX.

Sisense BloX demystifies data and analytics by narrowing the user’s focus to only the data that’s most important for getting their job done. It also puts those insights right in their workflow, where they can easily take action.

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