Upgraded experience

Sisense Cloud is a comprehensive service that ensures organizations get maximum value with minimum effort. It provides a secure, high-performance BI environment that enables organizations to focus on their businesses and high level BI results, all without having to manage the technical aspects of deploying a Business Intelligence project. Sisense Cloud is an upgraded experience, known for being the most scalable, performant, and agile version of Sisense available.

Gain expert management while staying in control

With Sisense Cloud, organizations can focus on growth and their core competencies. Sisense Cloud empowers organizations to stay in charge of the project, and all aspects of data preparation, analytics, metrics and KPIs, so that the solution perfectly fits their unique business needs. Sisense customers handle data related activities and BI while Sisense Cloud services take care of the infrastructure and technical maintenance part.

Sisense Cloud helps organizations:

  • Deploy analytics with even faster time to value, leveraging an expert team of solution engineers.
  • Connect to large amounts of data from a vast number of sources and databases, mashed together in unified analytics.
  • Take advantage of optimized system performance.
  • Maximize the scale and agility of your analytics by adding users, data and projects in a predictable and consistent way on-demand.
  • Get faster turnaround times on BI challenges with an enhanced support level
  • Accelerate your projects by months and understand cost benefits up front while planning for the future.
  • Leverage Sisense’s latest releases without managing any upgrade processes.
  • Stay on top of innovations, incorporating the latest features and services on the Sisense Cloud as soon as they are available.
  • Improve data sharing, collaboration and governance across your departments and projects, and solve the toughest cross-system data collaboration challenges
  • Focus resources on your core business competencies

Hosting in Sisense’s cloud

Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Sisense Cloud offers customers a single-tenant SaaS experience to keep your experience performant and your data secure. Following installation by our CloudOps team, the Sisense product is made immediately available to users. With our ISO 27001 certification and SOC 2 Type II compliance, have peace of mind that our security measures align with industry best practices.

Solution overview

Operations monitoring

24x7 monitoring for both application and infrastructure monitoring. The Sisense application is monitored using Sisense cloud monitoring tools. The infrastructure is monitored using resources monitoring tools as well as web access and latency monitoring.


Sisense Cloud keeps your data safe, with no sharing of client data among client systems/environments. In the public cloud, use of industry leading cloud computing providers, such as AWS, with their robust security and available certifications ensures the highest security standards. Sisense Cloud is SOC 2 Type II compliant with ISO 27001 certification.

Disaster recovery

Sisense Cloud takes advantage of the highest standard of disaster recovery and business continuity provided by Sisense or by the leading cloud computing platforms.

Backup schedule

Sisense Cloud offers predefined backup schedules combining data snapshots with full image copies of the BI business environment.

Customer success

Your Customer Success Manager acts as your main point of contact to support ongoing business requirements and ensure your satisfaction.

Jumpstarting your journey

Have either Sisense's Professional Services team or one of our selected partners work extensively with you to implement your BI solution from the drawing board to go-live readiness. We will focus on the highest-value use case, going over key elements such as modeling and design, optimizing your solution, and, when relevant, embedding, automating, and integrating Sisense.

Ongoing support and training

Global Support: With around-the-clock support and direct access to your environment, Sisense is able to investigate and diagnose issues much faster. Customer satisfaction surveys show this is one of the most meaningful improvements that comes when switching to the Sisense Cloud. Customers on Sisense Cloud will also see us integrate in-app chat support in early 2022.

  • Ongoing Training: Go through an extensive online training, teaching you how to use Sisense as well as learning about our best practices. Custom training packages are also available via Sisense’s Professional Services team, please contact your CSM to learn more.
  • Sisense Community Portal: Keep up to date on all the latest Sisense developments, new use cases, product updates, and join in lively peer-to-peer and Sisense expert led discussions. Find answers, share ideas, collaborate, learn about best practices, and more.
  • Online Documentation: Sisense.com provides documentation for configuring the application and utilizing the full feature set of the platform. This documentation is continuously updated with each release

Go Beyond Business Intelligence with Sisense Fusion

Move beyond business intelligence with Sisense Fusion, the AI-driven embedded analytics platform that infuses intelligence into the way you work and where you work – within business applications, communication tools, your products, and more. Simplify data analysis and unlock data from anywhere to use everywhere. Handle any data, from any source, in any format, whether structured or unstructured, whether it be real-time, cached, in cloud data warehouses, data lakes, on-premises servers, or inapplication.

Enhance your decision-making and enable everyone to explore data and discover game-changing insights by making analytics a natural part of their workflow, regardless of their technical know-how. From self-service, drag and drop analysis to leveraging Python, R, and SQL for code-driven experiences, everyone can work together in one cloud analytics platform.

Combine all the data you generate throughout your business, with your objectives, and technical requirements, in one strategy. Meet your organization’s data needs as they develop, with a DevOps analytics foundation that’s fully automatable via extensive APIs and deep tech partnerships. Increase your value to your customers by infusing data experiences into your own products.
AI-powered intelligence, augmented with machine-learning, reveals predictive analytics, providing actionable intelligence and future-facing insights in an intuitive way that gives your organization a competitive edge.