Sisense for Developers:
Rapidly Build Custom Analytic Apps

The Sisense data and analytics platform empowers developers to rapidly build custom analytic apps through a robust set of APIs and developer toolkits. Build market-differentiating products and applications by providing high-quality user experiences that address unique business needs.

Fully Customize, Extend, and Embed Analytics
Eliminate long, complex development processes with Sisense’s API-first design. Sisense’s suite of APIs and developer toolkits empower developers to launch fully-integrated embedded analytics, tailored to specific business requirements. Match your desired look and feel and deliver a consistent and seamless user experience to increase mindshare and stickiness.

Seamlessly Fit Sisense Into Your Deployment Workflow
Drastically reduce the time and effort taken to incorporate analytics into your deployment workflow. Deploy in a single-tenant, multi-tenant, or partially multi-tenant configuration on the cloud, on-prem, or in a hybrid environment on Windows or Linux OS. Sisense’s APIs, modular architecture, and monitoring tools allow you to manage and automate your deployments at scale.

Automate Workflows and Integrations to Deploy and Scale Rapidly
Deploy Sisense rapidly and with minimal effort to save time, effort, and money. Automate and manage your entire deployment workflow from deploying Sisense and loading data models and dashboards to provisioning user and security programmatically with the suite of Sisense APIs, SSO and AD integration, and Sisense Silent Installer.

The almost boundless agility of Sisense, combined with an efficient process framework, let us deliver and organically scale a market-differentiating product.
Todd Winton, Development Manager, CTSI-Global

Scale Your Analytics Solution with Ease

Sisense simplifies analytics development and management, so developers can focus on delivering value to end-users. With a range of tools, Sisense enables developers to build and grow analytics without worrying about additional resources, cost, and performance issues.

The Sisense Difference

JavaScript APIs and Plugin Framework
Customize Sisense across the analytics workflow directly on the Web or through plugins across different components and levels of the Sisense Application. Add new features, enhance existing functionality, manipulate query or result sets, and add new visualizations through integrations with external libraries, among extensive possibilities.

Sisense REST APIs
Programmatically automate processes and workflows and access server functionalities like user and security management, dashboard and widget, branding and administration settings with the Sisense REST APIs.

Embed via Embed SDK or SisenseJS
Embed insights at the point of decision. Be up and running with minimal time and effort with the Embed SDK. Blur the lines between analytics and your app workflow and embed individual widgets and filters while retaining the power of Sisense’s native functionality with SisenseJS, Sisense’s JavaScript library.

Sisense BloX
Create dynamic, aesthetically-pleasing, actionable widgets in a low-code environment leveraging the power of React and the Sisense engine. Take actions in external applications, directly within the context of analytics with out-of-the-box Actions or build your own with the Actions SDK.

Cloud-Native Architecture
Seamlessly integrate Analytics into your DevOps processes with Cloud-Native Sisense, built on a containerized microservices architecture leveraging best-of-breed technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.

Ready to see Sisense in action?

Sisense is purpose-built for agile teams to leverage rapid development features that enable you to go beyond the dashboard and deliver custom analytics quickly and efficiently. Let us take you for a test drive so you can learn for yourself why Sisense is the leader in embedded analytics.