Sisense for Enterprise Business Intelligence

The end-to-end cloud-native analytics platform that tackles any data challenge, regardless of complexity or scale.

The Sisense data and analytics platform offers the leading agile, enterprise-grade, cloud-native analytics solution for simplifying complex projects. From innovative startups to global brands like GE, Wix, Nasdaq, and Philips, thousands of organizations worldwide use Sisense to accelerate innovation and drive digital transformation.

Enterprise B.I. Is Complex. Simplify It.

Sisense’s enterprise platform simplifies and optimizes BI workflows, like handling complex enterprise data from many sources or scaling governance and adoption, all with lower resource expenditure.

Tame Your Enterprise Data Landscape with the Elastic Data Engine

Combine multi-source data into reusable models, connect live to high-performance databases, and enable multiple analyses from each flexible data model. The Elastic Data Engine supports both code and UX-driven data modeling as well as a combination of both live and in-memory data options to make the most of your entire data landscape.

Adaptive Governance With Robust Security

Start governing access and multi-level security from a single administrative hub. Streamline management of security, sign-ons, and data access. Usage Analytics dashboards and group-level security make it easy to implement and maintain corporate security protocols.
Enterprise Business IT at Scale
Scaling to meet enterprise demands does not need to be expensive and time-consuming. Sisense’s open Single-Stack™ and In-Chip® technology powers scaling up users, data, or complex analysis as required without extra infrastructure or consultants.

“When I could go from concept to being in production with over 1000 users in just 75 days, that was just something unheard of! That was my biggest excitement over the whole project.”
Melinda Jepsen, Orion Portfolio Accounting Services, ORION

Drive Impact Enterprise-Wide With Low TCO

Eliminate back-and-forths between IT and business teams, drastically reduce time-to-insights, and empower builders to create analytic apps for use by internal teams and customers.

End-To-End Business Autonomy

Build a truly data-driven organization. Intuitive user interfaces, no proprietary languages to learn, and AI-powered assistance throughout mean no more depending on highly technical users to execute functions and deliver business insight.

Empower Your Builders

Custom-building analytic apps is a core part of the Sisense enterprise platform. Our cloud-native architecture is designed with versatility and flexibility in mind and is perfect for your DevOps process. No more wrestling with clunky libraries or long, complex Dev cycles. Purpose-built APIs, developer libraries, and customization tools allow you to build boldly!

True Partnership for Your Success

Included in your Sisense license is our commitment to ensuring that you realize the highest possible ROI from your BI platform. Dedicated teams are on-hand at every step of deployment, management, and growth. Experience Sisense’s industry-leading customer service and get results with no hidden costs.

Ready to Elevate Your Enterprise B.I.?

Start optimizing your business operations, delivering measurable results, and driving ROI with the most robust enterprise B.I. platform on the market. Take the platform for a test drive, or let us show you why Sisense is ranked a Visionary on the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI & Analytics.