Modernize and Scale Your Manufacturing Data Intelligence

Sisense optimizes supply-chain and logistics management for manufacturing. Eliminate incompatibilities between IoT and business data and generate deep insights at scale.

No Business Intelligence plan?
Sisense is your easy-to-implement BI tool. No custom languages to learn or pricey consultants to hire. Do it your way, in-house, without taxing your Dev team.

Too Many Data Systems?
Analyze big-time series data and customer/order data in one platform. Unify previously incompatible data types; scale to any level while maintaining granular analysis.

Need Analytics at the Edge?
Sisense Hunch’s data cognition engines condense terabytes of data into lightweight neural networks (only megabytes in size) that deliver deep insights, lightning fast, at the edge. Tackle huge datasets, speed up analysis and put insights wherever you need them.

Sisense Helps You Fully Understand Your Supply Chain Workflow

Whatever you make, Sisense shows you the big picture and helps you pull deep insights out of your entire process.

Tackle Tons of Data—Fast
Sisense handles data of any size, from any source, even directly from your data warehouse. The Elastic Data Hub speeds performance from slower legacy
systems. Mashup data from live and cached sources to reveal insights you can’t get any other way.

Streamline and Automate Reporting
Data modeling with Sisense is a snap, even for non-technical workers. No more hassles combining machine and legacy web data no more lengthy back-and-forths with IT. Just easy, end-to-end BI control.

Get the Full Picture
Sisense’s Single-Stack™ technology unites data from both IoT devices and business sources to create a full picture of supply chain management and performance. Manage everything in the Elastic Data Hub, without IT or engineering support.

Customers Love Sisense

  • Ricoh’s embedded analytics by Sisense is now an integral part of its suite of services.
  • Celestica leverages Sisense to let a team of 5 serve 1,000+ users with diverse analytical needs.
  • Sisense Hunch helped them automate 97% of their manual testing process.