In a sentence

Have a Sisense Technical Expert lead your Sisense deployment migration from Windows to Linux while expediting go-live, mitigating risks and reducing downtime.


The Migration Service objective is to have your environment fully functioning with all relevant supported assets, models and dashboards in the Linux environment while being accessible to your users.

Best fit for Sisense customers who 

  • Are going to migrate their deployment from Windows to Linux and look to mitigate possible risks and setbacks
  • Identify Sisense as a business-critical system and wish to reduce downtime


Up to forty (40) hours of remote consultation hours delivered by Sisense Technical Experts, with the following provided, as time permits: 

  • Detailed migration plan
  • Assets mapping 
  • Linux environment setup and installation
  • Testing plan
  • Cutoff plan and post-migration configuration

What should you expect?

  • Once initiated, you will be introduced to your designated Sisense Technical Expert, who will lead the migration. Sisense Expert will review with your team the specific needs, expected results and relevant information. 
  • Based on your timeline and information, the Sisense Expert will work with your team to plan the migration process
  • Sisense Expert and your team will map your current environment, identify possible risks and issues, and decide on the best way to migrate the assets
  • Sisense Expert will assist you in installing and configuring it on your Linux environment
  • Sisense Solution Architect will guide you through the relevant tests and will support the cutover phase between the two deployments
  • Finally, the Sisense Expert will meet with you and your team to conclude the process and finalize the project

The small print

Scope of hours

The Services included in this package will consist of up to 40 hours of effort.


You (the customer):

*In such cases, a tailored migration package will be created based on specific scoping and a separate SOW created by Sisense.