Business teams have data questions

With fresh data every day, business teams need analysis and insights. Getting those insights from a team of overworked analysts is known to require some smooth talking skills and a steady supply of lattes in order to prioritize those requests in a long backlog. But no matter how many lattes are given as incentives, there’s just never enough time for analysts to prioritize everybody.

Sisense Fusion shortens the time from question to answer

Sisense Fusion’s drag-and-drop interface helps business teams access accurate and relevant data to answer their questions. With built-in AI to guide deeper exploration and minimize human error, analysts can go back to normal caffeinated levels and focus on their most strategic projects.

Empowering business teams to become data superstars

• Visual-based data modeling and dashboard creation

Point-and-click to create customized dashboards. This is data modeling made easy - select the data to get started on your data exploration journey to uncover powerful insights.  

• Interactive visualizations with advanced filtering and drill pathways

Get granular detail and answer second, third and fourth questions by exploring other dimensions of the data on a single visualization or the entire dashboard.

• AI-driven Data Investigation

Guided by AI, teams can ask advanced questions in everyday language, explore answers with guided exploration paths, and receive alerts to ensure they never miss a beat.

• Integrated with workflows and business applications

Access analytics from Sisense wherever your business teams live, to share insights and collaborate seamlessly to build a data-centric culture.

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