In a sentence 

Optimize your Sisense deployment performance by going through a complete and thorough analysis, assessment and recommendations plan with one of our Solution Architects.


The solution review will provide you with a detailed solution design based on your current and future needs. In addition, it will serve as your architectural blueprint for Sisense deployment based on your expected load, data requirements and performance needs.

Best Fit for Sisense Customers Who Desire: 

  • Existing customers with an increasing number of customers looking for recommendations to optimize their Sisense implementation
  • Existing customers who anticipate a substantial increase in data volumes or the number of data sources and want recommendations to optimize their Sisense deployment
  • Existing customers with an increasing number of use cases looking for guidance to optimize their Sisense deployment


  • A complete and detailed Solution review document including:
  • An analysis of your current status and environment
  • A review of your future and current requirements
  • A detailed design and recommendations of your solution, including, among others:
    • Hardware and resource specifications
    • System configuration
    • Application configuration
    • Data security
    • Monitoring
    • Backup and restore options.

What should you expect?

  • You will meet with a Sisense‚Äôs Professional Services Lead to gather requirements and scope the project timelines and activities.
  • Once signed and kicked off, you will work with a Sisense Professional Services team on a joint project plan.
  • You will work with Sisense Solution Architects to review your current deployment and plans.
  • You will conduct ongoing meetings to track project progress and goals.
  • Sisense Solution Architect will deliver the Solution Review Document to you and will meet with you to discuss followup issues and topics.

The Fine Print

Cost and Duration

  • Sisense Solution Review is usually 10 hours of Solution Architect effort, along with 2 hours of project management. This will be $3,000 in project cost.