What is Managed Cloud?

Managed cloud is a service that helps organizations build their servers and infrastructure on the cloud by handling the technical back-end, allowing companies to focus on their core business.

This method is becoming increasingly popular among smaller businesses and even some enterprise-level companies as it can greatly reduce IT and management costs, as well as provide easier access to necessary technology stacks.

Managed cloud services include designing server architecture, managing security tools, automatic patching and updating, cloud optimization, and even scaling on demand. Most importantly, they also provide around-the-clock support for companies that can save by reducing their in-house IT staff.

Companies that handle their own technology infrastructure must constantly have workers on hand who specialize in building and administering virtual servers, optimizing cloud storage for performance, and other IT needs.

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For organizations, the appeal of managed cloud is that they can reduce the need for experts on their staff, reducing salaries and overheads, without having to sacrifice the expertise and services they manage. By outsourcing the more costly aspects of cloud technology, companies can reinvest that capital into their actual services.

How can I Use Managed Cloud?

As cloud technology and servers have become increasingly popular across industries, companies have started migrating more frequently.

While in theory cloud is already more efficient than the cost of physical server architecture and management, it can still be expensive and wasteful if you’re administering it by yourself.

Even for large corporations with hiring capacity, managing cloud services usually requires having experts in-house. If you’re looking to host a website, app, or even your company’s servers, your main concern will be ensuring your cloud architecture is always at its best.

Even for specialized services such as cloud business intelligence, which can comprise only a small part of a company’s overall services, self-management can be unfeasible.

Instead of hiring a specialist to build an ecosystem for analytics and BI, companies can subscribe to services that manage cloud servers and simply take advantage of applications without the additional baggage.

For companies that must constantly deploy and modify cloud servers, having a staff member dedicated to the process means significant time and resources are focused away from the actual work. Instead, you can simply hire managed cloud services and focus on building front-end solutions while backends are built to specification and optimized for your services.

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