Self-Service Business Intelligence

What is Self-Service BI?

Self-service analytics or self-service business intelligence refers to tools used to connect and analyze data, and which are operated primarily by business departments in the organization – rather than IT professionals or dedicated data analysts.

While in the past business analytics was viewed mainly as an IT project, today the focus has shifted more towards the business user (e.g., a marketing manager or sales director). Most of today’s leading business intelligence software vendors provide some sort of self-service reporting capabilities, but these often do not encompass the complete process of analyzing data but rather focus on a specific element, such as creating interactive dashboards.

See Sisense’s self-service BI tool in action:

User Engagement - IT Dashboard

How to determine whether a BI software is actually “self-service”?

To understand whether any specific piece of BI software can actually be considered as “self-service” for non-technical users, you need to ask questions such as:

  • How easy will it be to connect to data? Is the functionality built-in to the product or will it have to be custom developed?
  • How much scripting will be required when preparing the data for analysis? Do you need to have deep knowledge of SQL to do so?
  • Will your business departments be self-sufficient, or will they constantly need to rely on the vendor’s professional services?

Self-Service BI Toolkit:

Check out the resources below to gain a better understanding of self-service business intelligence, and to learn how to compare and evaluate data analytics tools that are presented as self-service.

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