Sisense Cloud Managed Service: Power and Convenience

Sisense’s Cloud Managed Service gives you a secure, high-performance business intelligence environment, entirely on the cloud. Focus on your business and analytics goals while we manage the technical aspects of deploying a BI project.

More Power to Business Users

Sisense cloud services allow you to deploy a complete cloud-based business intelligence platform that’s owned entirely by the business units that need it (or accessible by the whole enterprise), in an agile and cost-effective way.

No Servers, No Maintenance, No Hassle

Forget about IT infrastructure needed for data storage or BI processing, version upgrades or maintenance — t’s all on us. Skip the technical implementation and jump right into cloud analytics and web dashboards to further simplify your complex data.

Self Service

Sisense cloud services make it even easier for business users to reap the benefits of simpler data preparation and visualization. Maximize value from your data with internal or customer-facing analytics pulled from your cloud data sources (or wherever your data’s stored).

Sisense Cloud Managed Service: Security and Ease of Use

Sisense Managed Cloud Service adheres to the highest cloud security protocols, while still delivering speedy query results anywhere you need them: in-house, embedded in your products accessible to your customers, or as standalone analytics widgets.

Unmatched Cloud Security

Enjoy robust security via certifications provided by Sisense and industry-leading cloud computing providers, such as Amazon Web Services. Whatever it takes to keep your data and application safe, you’re covered.

Top-Tier Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We make sure the service is reliable, that’s why Sisense Managed Cloud Services are hosted on AWS, one of the most reliable computing platforms with the industry’s highest SLA standard. Great uptime + fast responses to your issues = peace of mind for your company.

Easy Admin

Sisense deploys your system in a dedicated virtual private network on AWS. There you can control user access to the cloud environment and securely connect your data sources. Everyone gets the access they need to the data they need to do their jobs, and all your data stays safe.