License Agreements

The following links are to the standard forms of agreement applicable to Sisense sales prior to July 2021. For agreement forms applicable after July 2021, please go to:

Sisense offers two categories of License Agreements:  an End User License Agreement providing a license for internal business purposes only and an OEM License Agreement providing a license for the customer to bundle the Sisense Software with the customer’s product(s) and to license the bundled product to its end customers. The current forms of these two licenses for different geographical regions can be accessed as listed below. If you have a question regarding which terms apply to your purchase, please reach out to your Account Executive or contact us at [email protected].

All Geographic Regions except those specified below:

End User License Agreement Ltd.
OEM License Agreement Ltd.

North and South America:

End User License Agreement Inc.
OEM License Agreement Inc.

United Kingdom:

End User License Agreement UK
OEM License Agreement UK


End User License Agreement Japan
OEM License Agreement Japan

Australia, New Zealand and Oceania:

End User License Agreement Australia
OEM License Agreement Australia

Other Terms and Conditions

All geographic regions use the following terms and conditions for certain included or additional services provided by Sisense: 

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams Terms and Conditions

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams Agreement

Sisense Cloud managed services

Sisense Cloud Global Agreement

Sisense Support Services Terms and Conditions

Sisense Support Terms

Sisense Professional Services Terms and Conditions

Sisense Professional Services Terms