Actionable Apps – WriteBack

By QBeeQ

With this plugin any user can close the BI loop and generate data directly from the Sisense dashboard, by writing back into their data source or any other intermediate DB. This feature will enable the end users to act upon their insights, by providing a call-to-action capability.


One can generate data into new columns, such as text, numeric values or boolean options, create comments back into the data source to be seen by all other users, or update existing data. The use cases are limitless!


Using this tool, you can transition your Sisense dashboards into actionable tools, prompting your end users to not only consume their data, but interact with it, act upon it and further manipulate it, without leaving their Sisense dashboards.


By writing back into the data source, the data generated will appear immediately back into the dashboard by use of a live EC connection.


This plugin enables an admin or designer to activate this feature for specific users or groups, and can be highly customized for specific use cases.


Use cases can include, among others:

  • Update lead status
  • Assign a marketing campaign to a lead
  • Update opportunity probability
  • Qualify leads
  • Toggle Yes/No values
  • Enable end user input forecasting
  • Field agent interactivity
  • Comment on data to be seen by all other users


In the following scenario, one can write back specific lead information alongside a new email campaign, so as to tag those leads and target them to an existing or new campaign.

From the pivot widget menu, simply click on the ‘Publish’ options:


The user can then select to target those leads to an existing campaign, or add a new campaign:



This new data set which will include the lead ID, lead email, campaign tag and timestamp and any additional information required, will be written back into the origin data source or an intermediate data source, and ultimately back into the dashboard.