Advanced Backup and Version Control


RAPID BI’s Advanced Backup and Version Control enables you to concentrate on building your Business Intelligence capability without fear of losing time and effort.

Through component level backup of your Sisense assets, RAPID BI’s Advanced Backup and Version Control features the ability to backup and restore changes, recover from disaster and track development efforts over time.

“Knowing that our main Sisense assets are protected provides us piece of mind. It’s easy to overwrite a dashboard or make a mistake in an Elasticube, and the ability to revert gives us confidence to continue testing, building and iterating.”

- current client


Never Lose Dashboard or Elasticube Changes Again*

Recover dashboards and elasticubes from mis-click to disaster. Easily revert to a previously saved state - saving time and effort.

RAPID BI’s Advanced Backup and Version Control facilitates storing of versions of your Sisense assets to a GIT repository. This allows you to retrieve past versions of:

  • Dashboards
  • Elasticubes
  • JSON
  • Custom Tables/SQL
  • Custom Columns
  • Widget level JavaScript and CSS from Widgets
  • BloX items

Furthermore, RAPID BI’s Advanced Backup and Version Control allows you to compare between versions by importing historic cubes and dashboards side by side, enabling simple identification and investigation of changes over time.


Extend Your Disaster Recovery Capability*

Schedule RAPID BI’s Advanced Backup and Version Control to suit your organizational cadence by changing the frequency and location of backup.

  • Schedule the tool to run at a frequency suitable to you.
  • Leverage the power of GIT – the world standard in version control software.
  • Integrate with your own cloud-based GIT repository or install your own locally.
  • Backup .dash and .smodel files.
  • Store users, shares, and row level security (in .json files).


Track and Communicate Your Team’s BI Development Efforts

RAPID BI’s Advanced Backup and Version Control allows you to track development through measurement of the amount of changes, additions and deletions committed to your GIT repository over time. This allows you to keep your stakeholders informed by quantifying and communicating the level of development effort over time.


System Requirements

RAPID BI’s Advanced Backup and Version Control is a Windows application that will interact with your Sisense implementation (both Linux and Windows Sisense versions). As such, the application needs to be installed in a Windows environment.

  • Windows (e.g. Windows 10 or Windows Server)
  • .NET 5
  • Able to access to the target Sisense Implementation
  • HDD Space – related to Dashboards/EC Quantities and Backup Frequency (< 10GB)


* Potential loss of information is directly related to the backup schedule, storage location and availability of the GIT repository, and proper management to ensure the backup and version control is working correctly. This is designed to add additional functionality and an extra layer of backup, but does not replace the need for full server backups of your Sisense implementation.

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