Filter Color Plugin

By QBeeQ

This plugin enables one to change the way Sisense UI filters color behavior. This behavior takes into consideration a new scenario of filtering and applies a different color to the filter selection. This helps improve the default Sisense filter UI behavior, especially in embedded mode when the rest of the Sisense UI is hidden, helping end users to distinguish between the various selection scenarios. The three scenarios are as follows:

  1. By default, when all values are selected, ‘Include All’, the filter is the default BLUE
  2. By default, when certain values are excluded, the filter color is the default RED
  3. When specific colors are selected, this new scenario changes the filter color to GREEN

Note: All three color scenarios can be modified to any color, according to your required color palette.


Independent filters:


Dependent filter:


Supported Scenarios

  1. Single independent filter
  2. Multiple independent filters
  3. Single dependent filter
  4. Multiple dependent filters


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