KPI Explorer

By Paldi Solutions

KPI Explorer is a powerful tool that acts as the primary navigation element for your users to explore different KPIs across the same dashboard.

With the KPI Explorer you can:

  • Display KPIs hierarchy in a format similar to the SunBurst widget: Multi dimensional arcs, one for each KPI. Each arc in the widget shows a breakdown of its parent slice.
  • Enable the user to focus the dashboard on a different KPI each time:
    • Easy click to spotlight navigation
    • Each widget in the dashboard is refreshed to present the chosen KPI as the main investigated measure of the graph
  • Highlight trends to identify important changes: Toggle to present the KPI Explorer by trends coloring, to pop out important movements.
  • Hover over each arc and see KPI value & trend, alongside the parent arcs values & trends.

See it in action:


How does it work?

1. Investigate KPIs hierarchy using the KPI Explorer :

2. Hover each KPI to see hierarchy, values & trends:

3. Click to explore chosen KPI:

Dashboard’s widgets will update to present the chosen KPI

4. Toggle to highlight KPI’s trends:


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