Report Manager (new)

By Sisense

The Sisense Reporting Manager is an advanced UI based report scheduler with highly-flexible scheduling capabilities including event-driven triggers. Builders can setup and enable customized reports to be sent to a wide audience including non-Sisense users through a centralized tab within the Sisense product. The centralized view allows for live status updates, bulk operations, error alerts and more.

Workflow Integration with Events

Integrate analytic report scheduling into workflows using events triggers through a Sisense API endpoint.

Highly-Flexible Report Scheduling
  • Highly-Flexible Report Scheduling: With the Reporting Manager, Sisense Admins can set up advanced schedules including custom end dates, as well as hourly, weekly, and monthly reporting options to meet a wide range of needs.
Customized Reports and Dashboard Links
  • Custom Attachments/Links: Send reports with custom attachment setting. Select between PDF attachment, CSV exports of included pivots and tables and/or a dashboard link.
  • Save reports to specified path: Save scheduled reports at specified intervals for archival or common repository for shared use.
Easy Administration
  • Centralized View of Reporting Jobs: Admins and dashboard designers will have a single page to view all their reporting jobs through the Sisense header.
  • Prioritize Jobs: Prioritize jobs in the event of delays or high-load so the system knows accurately which job to handle first.
  • Error Reporting: Get alerted at a global level or if an individual job fails for better monitoring and compliance. Also, define who gets the error alerts.
Reach a Wider Audience
  • Report Scheduling to Non Sisense users: Leverage the Reporting Manager to set up dashboard reports for non-Sisense users.


Note: The Report Manager requires Sisense V8.1.1 or later.

Installing the Report Manager

The Report Manager is installed as a Sisense add-on. When you install the Report Manager, the following are installed:

Add-ons Client Side:
  1. Report Manager: This add-on generates all the UI pages displayed in Sisense, including the Report Manager page, the Reports list page, and the Create/Edit report.
  2. Hide Report Schedule: This add-on removes the option to schedule reports through the Share Dashboard window.

Add-ons Server Side:

  1. Report Manager: If the user is logged out of Sisense and tries to browse to the Report Manager, this add-on redirects them to the Login page.


  1. Rest API – Data manager: Adds another Report Manager route to the Sisense REST API list under the V1 version.
  2. Engine: Exports reports and sends them to recipients. If it fails, all reports that were in the middle of export will be set to not running with a server error message.
  3. Scheduler: Manages the report execution time based on priority and capacity. In case of failure and going up again, it will be set to ‘no running’.
  4. Messaging: Sends report update messages from the server to all logged-in users. If it fails, all sent messages are not stored and will not be sent after the service is restored. In this case, your users will need to refresh the page to see the updated data.

Every microservice has a log file under the Sisense logs directory.

Feature Comparison for New RM and RM V1


  • Report manager does not offer any PDF formatting capabilities
  • When adding/removing/updating users, the Report Manager Engine Service should be manually restarted.
  • When using a version below, Active Directory user tokens cannot be used as the Report Manager Admin user or the non-Sisense user in the configuration page.
This is a premium Sisense add-on. For pricing details please get in touch with your CSM: Get the Add-On

Version – 2020-10-28

  • Improvements:
    • Support for versions 8.2.3-8.2.5 was added.

Version – 2020-07-29

  • Improvements:
    • CSV date format can be configured in the Configuration Manager page.

Version – 2020-07-20

  • Improvements:
    • Configuration updates are reflected in real-time, restart of the services is not needed.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Support Table with Aggregation widget
    • Support special characters in pivots and table titles when exporting to CSV or Excel.
    • CSV and Excel file names include a running number to make sure the files are unique.

Version – 2020-05-07

  • Improvements:
    • Support Active Directory users
    • Support export the dashboard pivot widgets to Excel
    • Support rebranding

Version – 2020-03-18

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed issue with the report manager tab
    • Email server – if there is no “enable” key the email sending is failed.  Added validation to properly set ‘enabled’
    • Fixed issues related to compatibility solution with custom email server.

Version (beta) – 2020-03-05

  • Implemented in beta version:
    • Interactive Web UI
    • Export dashboard to PDF
    • Export Pivots and Tables to CSV
    • Send dashboard link
    • Send Report to non-sisense users
    • Sending emails to non-sisense users is done on behalf of 1 single sisense user
    • Archive report files to a shared folder
    • Parallel Report Execution
    • Supported Roles: Admins, Designers
    • Advanced scheduling options: Once, Daily, hourly, weekly, monthly
    • Run reports on demand
    • Cancel running reports
    • Hold all reports
    • Configure maximum simultaneous reports to export
    • Event-based reports generation
    • Admins and Designers can schedule reports
    • Bulk operations