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BlueMetrics is a BI consulting company, working with Sisense projects since 2016. Combining previous and extensive expertise in business as entrepreneurs and executives with advanced technical skills, we understand your pains and challenges and know how to translate them into results through analytics. We successfully helped companies benefit from Sisense’s amazing power with our data preparation, dashboarding and reporting professional services.

Sisense Services Provided

  • ETL, data modeling and preparation, connecting Sisense to (any) multiple sources, transforming and enriching data through advanced calculations to generate powerful insights.
  • Dashboard planning and designing to tell simple but rich and meaningful stories with your data, helping you to make assertive decisions.
  • Server setup, configuration and tuning, OEM, white-labeling, SSL, SSO, plugins, Java Script, API, embedding, maintenance, troubleshooting and training.

Some of the Sisense Projects Completed

  • Retail: integration of data coming from 3 ERPs (SQL Server and PostgreSQL) and countless XLS and Google Spreadsheet files. This company has multiple B2C and B2B operations and was having a hard time to monitor their KPIs through a single application. Now they have all their data centralized in Sisense, with real-time dashboards and alerts. More than 70 dashboards created and 55 tables imported to an ElastiCube.
  • Franchising: a national company with two commercial brands and hundreds of franchisees, wanted to integrate their data and provide anonymized benchmarks to these franchises, allowing them to compare their own performance with other same profile peers.
  • Contact Center: #1 cable TV reseller in Brazil, with heavy investments on Google Ads, thousands of employees. We have integrated data from MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Google Ads and XLS files on a single elasticube with more than 50 tables and +80MM of rows. With the dashboards we delivered, they can analyze the impact of their online campaigns (Google Ads) on the number of inbound calls (MongoDB) and total sales (ERP/ MySQL), in addition to measuring team performance KPIs like conversion rates, average call duration and top selling products.

Operating regions

  • Any region where Portuguese, Spanish, English is spoken (remotely)


  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • English

Company Contact Information

Headquarters location: Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil


Company LinkedIn profile: 

Primary contact person: Denis Pesa

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +55 51 983 428 668

Skype: denispesa