Paldi Solutions

Business Intelligence Industry Expertise

  • Paldi Solutions is a boutique BI consulting agency, with over 8 years of expertise in BI implementation projects & custom plugins development worldwide.
  • It’s all about technology, and everything is possible. We are known for finding creative solutions, in minimum cost while using cutting edge technologies and thinking out of the box.
  • Our team comprises of ex-Sisense BI consultants, product executives, data scientist and full stack developers, all lined up to improve your analytic process.
  • We have vast experience in launching Embedded BI products in a wide range of industries including eCommerce, Startups, Marketing, Saas, Healthcare, Gaming, Finance, Property Management, Event Management, Education, Retail, Travel and moreā€¦

Sisense Services Provided


  • SingleClick Presentation Builder: Easily build customized, high end presentations with embedded Sisense widgets. Refresh, apply new filters and distribute the presentations -> all in a single click. Curious? Join our Beta group and get the product for free. 
    For more info:
  • KPI Explorer: Beautiful interactive navigation element for your users to explore different KPIs & Trends across the same dashboard. For more info:

BI Services:

       Custom Developments

  • JS plugins & applications
  • Python & API scripts
  • GSuite plugins & applications
  • Custom charting features (including D3.js, highcharts, etc’)

       OEM & Embedded BI Products

  • OEM Architecture & Scaling
  • Monetization & Strategy
  • Product Consulting & roadmap planning
  • Data Modeling planning & implementation for OEM distribution

       Big Data & Data Flow Architecture

  • ETL development & DB Schema planning (to match Sisense platform needs)
  • Data modeling, Cube Design & SQL
  • Data Source Connectors


  • Internal & External dashboard design

Some of the Sisense Projects Completed

  • IMA Corp (US) – A complete OEM consulting & implementation project including a connector to SurveyGizmo and Sisense architecture for scaling to support multiple clients 
  • Casumo (Europe) – Custom plugin development of a high-end Interactive Navigational Infographic based on the D3 charting library.
  • Bivarus, acquired by PressGanney (US) – Custom PDF Reports module using a Sisense REST API enabling custom email reports to be delivered on specific times with specific filters applied.  
  • TurfKeeper (Australia) – A set of comprehensive Analytical Dashboards (Budget, inventory, costs, wages and more) within a tight schedule to be presented at an industry summit. 
  • NYSS CPAs (US) – Executive cross-departments dashboards set. A large project of transforming dashboards from a legacy DB (over 30 years of data) to top-notch Sisense dashboards.
  • ManPower (IL) – A classic OEM use case of developing dashboards solution to support multiple customers needs, in different locations & regulations.
  • AAHose (US) – Data cleansing, cube modelling and dashboard development for the sales team

Operating regions

  • USA, Europe, Asia and Australia


  • English
  • Hebrew

Company Contact Information

Community profile:  Ravid Paldi
Headquarters location: USA & Israel
Primary contact person: Ravid Paldi
Email: [email protected]