Paldi Solutions

Business Intelligence Industry Expertise

  • Paldi Solutions is a boutique BI consulting agency, with over 8 years of expertise in BI implementation projects & custom plugins development worldwide.
  • It’s all about technology, and everything is possible. We are known for finding creative solutions, in minimum cost while using cutting edge technologies and thinking out of the box.
  • Our team comprises of ex-Sisense BI consultants, product executives, data scientist and full stack developers, all lined up to improve your analytic process.
  • We have vast experience in launching Embedded BI products in a wide range of industries including eCommerce, Startups, Marketing, Saas, Healthcare, Gaming, Finance, Property Management, Event Management, Education, Retail, Travel and more…

Sisense Services Provided


  • SingleClick Presentation Builder: Easily build customized, high end presentations with embedded Sisense widgets. Refresh, apply new filters and distribute the presentations -> all in a single click. Curious? Join our Beta group and get the product for free. 
    For more info:
  • KPI Explorer: Beautiful interactive navigation element for your users to explore different KPIs & Trends across the same dashboard. For more info:

BI Services:

       Custom Developments

  • JS plugins & applications
  • Python & API scripts
  • GSuite plugins & applications
  • Custom charting features (including D3.js, highcharts, etc’)

       OEM & Embedded BI Products

  • OEM Architecture & Scaling
  • Monetization & Strategy
  • Product Consulting & roadmap planning
  • Data Modeling planning & implementation for OEM distribution

       Big Data & Data Flow Architecture

  • ETL development & DB Schema planning (to match Sisense platform needs)
  • Data modeling, Cube Design & SQL
  • Data Source Connectors


  • Internal & External dashboard design

Some of the Sisense Projects Completed

  • IMA Corp (US) – A complete OEM consulting & implementation project including a connector to SurveyGizmo and Sisense architecture for scaling to support multiple clients 
  • Casumo (Europe) – Custom plugin development of a high-end Interactive Navigational Infographic based on the D3 charting library.
  • Bivarus, acquired by PressGanney (US) – Custom PDF Reports module using a Sisense REST API enabling custom email reports to be delivered on specific times with specific filters applied.  
  • TurfKeeper (Australia) – A set of comprehensive Analytical Dashboards (Budget, inventory, costs, wages and more) within a tight schedule to be presented at an industry summit. 
  • NYSS CPAs (US) – Executive cross-departments dashboards set. A large project of transforming dashboards from a legacy DB (over 30 years of data) to top-notch Sisense dashboards.
  • ManPower (IL) – A classic OEM use case of developing dashboards solution to support multiple customers needs, in different locations & regulations.
  • AAHose (US) – Data cleansing, cube modelling and dashboard development for the sales team

Customer Testimonials:

We’ve really enjoyed working with Paldi thus far. They have a well organised approach to their work, educating us as we go as to best practice. We’ve learnt to look ahead, properly map out what we are wanting from the Sisense solution, and they have been the glue to bring it all together. 

 Jeff Blunden, Turfkeeper

Ravid and Maayan are life savers for many reasons.

They saved us money by automating our new customer dashboard builds so we don’t have to hire a full time employee.

They identified solutions for our dashboard that we didn’t even know existed.

They took the time to understand our overall business and product needs.

They acted like a true teammate to us. I can tell that they care as much about our success as we do!

I can say with 100% certainty, Paldi Solutions is a necessity if you are designing a Sisense dashboard!

 Jessi Ryan, IMA Financial Group

At AAH Acquisition, we needed a way to look in more detail at our sales performance across geographic and industry market segments, and Sisense was our chosen tool. 

We don’t have the data modelling expertise in-house but thought that we could create the initial dashboards and data cubes ourselves, relying on the ease of use of the Sisense tools. 

Once it became clear that we had some data cleansing and cube design issues, we engaged Paldi Solutions to correct our mistakes and offer advice regarding professional data modelling techniques. 

They have done a great job with our limited budget and we will continue to seek their assistance as we continue the learning process in exploring what is possible with the Sisense tool.

 Jeffrey Schad AAH Acquisition

At mtheory, we engaged with Sisense to power some extremely customized visualizations and dashboards for our clients.  I made the decision to engage with Paldi when it became clear that the level of frontend expertise required to meet our team’s vision was beyond our in-house capabilities.  To be totally honest, I was skeptical that a good part of what we aspired to accomplish within Sisense was even possible at all.

I can confidently say this was one of the best decisions we have made with respect to this project, and I’m happy that we did it as early on in the process as we did.  Not only is the Paldi team comprised of an extremely competent developers (kudos to Evgeni on the frontend mastery) and project managers in their own right, but their familiarity with the Sisense platform proved to also be instrumental in getting our designs implemented in a quick and comprehensive manner.

Ravid and the rest of the Paldi team have been professional, detail-oriented and entirely reasonable when it has come to every single interaction.  It felt to me that they were a part of our team, and truly wanted us to succeed.

I cannot recommend working with them enough!

Franklin Winokur, Product Owner and Head of Engineering at mtheory

Operating regions

  • USA, Europe, Asia and Australia


  • English
  • Hebrew

Company Contact Information

Community profile:  Ravid Paldi
Headquarters location: USA & Israel
Primary contact person: Ravid Paldi
Email: [email protected]